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Workout Routines "The value of maintaining rotational movement throughout the entire spinal column cannot be understated. Vitality is achieved when the spine is flexible, thus allowing for the spinal cord to function at optimum.

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    In the sixties applied kinesiology, behavioural kinesiology and educational kinesiology have all revealed that there is a link in energy between organs and muscles and whatever affects the organs, affects the muscle’s energy supply and vice versa to a degree, the organ always being the priority on the energy scale.

    Even though this research can now prove this energy link, and that certain factors block energy, this knowledge has been available to other cultures for thousands of years and despite this, our Western approach to exercise is still very external and competition orientated which dominates the left brain activity.

    The following exercises are a compilation on energy building/storing movements I have found to be balancing and integrating of the body’s energy, If we work on the organs good health, muscular good health must follow, we find people jogging to get fit when their organs have no tone and all the bouncing actually causes physical harm.  Doctors are now acknowledging this fact.

    Simple Health Exercises are basically to strengthen the organs and energy centres related to them, to make the energy available to our limbs and promote good health, our external muscles are also auxiliary pumps to clear toxins and organs and keep them toned, and moving them slowly against real or imaginary forces improves the flow of C.S.F. brain fluid to all parts of the body.

    Active Balance M.O.T Integration exercises or ALPHACISE, is a series of movement and postures, they are not like exercises in the normal sense of the word nor do they comply with the posture of yoga, they are more – some are done on the move, others held for several seconds but all are done with active movement of the mind.

    If you imagine the exercises being half, and the mind involvement the other half, putting together the sum of the two halves totals more than the whole.  This equation is possible because when the body and mind become integrated the potential is greatly expanded.

    Fundamental laws cannot be changed.

    What The Foots It All About eh!

    The body is an integrated whole so changes in one area can have knock on effects in another. An antalgic gait, a gait pattern employed with the aim of pain avoidance, is an example of a common gait anomaly. A neighbour I see regularly walks around holding his back very stiff and using just his legs to move. He glides about without the up and down and side to side movements typical in gait, trying to limit stresses in his back. With foot problems making a person have an abnormal gait this can stimulate problems in other body parts as they try hard to reduce stresses through the troubled area.

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