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The mark of the expert is an effortless ease of motion. When you train the limbic system and free off the fish you experience and integration of body/mind so you can give up trying and experience just being.

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    There are 78 million Baby Boomers! There are 78 million Baby Boomers! They are the major consumer and lifestyle influence in the US. You owe it to yourself to read this...people in the know will be talking about it! Boomers are Ageless! Born 1946-1955 for this Boomer cohort I can recall some events of booming life: the end of capital punishment; a woman's right to abortion; homosexual law reform; the Race Discrimination Act; divorce law reform; paid maternity leave; increasing educational opportunity for working class children; the end of corporal punishment in schools & prisons; the dismemberment of the British Empire; increasing home ownership; reduction in child poverty; slum clearance; Human Rights legislation; disability law reform; increase in leisure time; improved health care; Charlotte Rampling, Bob Marley, Pat Jennings, Van Morrison, Diane Keaton, Polly Toynbee. Ian Dury sums it up with this tune - Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll...   A pretty good bash at life I'd say.

    Children of the revolution

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    Body Mind

    The Law of Attraction can be accessed by the use of a brainwave generator, but there are dangers. Once we learn to use the Law of Attraction, becoming creators, we will access parallel universes. Scientists call them by different names. Whether you’re just trying to get through your busy day more effectively, taking care of an aging relative, staying sharp at work, or wanting to improve your general mental skillfulness; we can offer supportive insights that can make you that better caregiver; remember names and work with figures better to make you a more valued employee, perhaps even stave off or delay the onset of age-related impairments. And, we make it fun by offering a variety of mental challenges that will painlessly improve your cognitive skills, expand your brain power, and maintain a higher level of overall mental health fitness!

    Ergonomic Furniture

    Ergonomic Furniture Can Keep Your Employees Happy and Healthy.  Few things provide more comfort during a long hard day at work than comfortable office furniture, so why don't more companies pay attention to the ergonomics of their office furniture? The everyday pressures of meeting deadlines and reaching company quotas, as well as budget restraints are all culprits. But an even more common reason is that many employers just don't see the importance  or necessity of purchasing ergonomically friendly furniture.

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