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Coffin Dodgers Journal Good health outlook is important at any age but particularly in the senior years. & Well Being offers reliable information on a variety of health topics, as the years roll by we need certain advice searched from the world wide web to understand what our doctors have prescribed

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    When we rest another of the advantages of rest is that our body enters maintenance and repair mode.When we rest another of the advantages of rest is that our body enters maintenance and repair mode. It concentrates on developing and mending bone, muscular tissue as well as other tissue as needed by our body. The body is established to enter into a kind of upkeep mode while we sleep that enables it to concentrate on dealing with points. Not that our physical body does not do some repair while we're awake, however sleep enables it to focus without separating power between repair and all the tasks we execute when we're awake.

    Mental well being is likewise one of the sleep wellness benefits we receive from remainder. Acquiring appropriate, regular sleep aids the mind to loosen up, regroup as well as deal with stress as well as other problems. When we do not obtain our rest both body and mind are less able to handle and adapt to stress factors. We are additionally more prone to establishing depression, anxiety and also other health problems. Sleep helps to keep the chemicals in our mind well balanced and allows our mind to refine out difficult or painful points from our day. We miss out on these rest health and wellness benefits when we don't obtain our remainder.

    Sleep includes distinctive stages with each stage providing the body with different events and also benefits. It functions best when we constantly sleep the number of hours our body requirements (normally 7 - 8 for an adult, much longer for youngsters as well as adolescents). This permits the body and mind to go through all the stages properly several times.

    If we short ourselves we don't obtain the full number of patterns as well as therefore throw of the body.. We wind up missing out on the advantages of rest and also have to play capture up ultimately or pay the price with health problem, lack of performance, and so on. Absence of rest costs America alone billions of dollars in lost efficiency, health care and mishap associated expenses ... concerning as long as stroke or depression. The issue is larger than several people understand. Possibly after reviewing this you will certainly reexamine shaving off a hr here or there. The price is probably ineffective.

    179 Forward Steps Life Power TipsEat an elephant one piece at a time. With the workload I have, I noticed I was dropping physical exercise from my days. I considered how I could incorporate some, regardless of the time constraint. So, I decide that in my 5 minute breaks, and during larger breaks, I'd do step ups onto an outdoor step.

    I calculated that just that small daily action, adds 3 hours of exercise to my week. My legs are feeling it already, and my weight is coming down. What in your life could you tackle in a small way like that example? Have big reasons for wanting to achieve the results you declare. Make these reasons large enough and truly heartfelt, so that they ignite passion and strong emotion behind your dreams.

    You need to always be able to instantly get in touch with wonderfully powerful feelings about your dream goals. Those emotions will inspire consistent action and will inspire others around you. You will need those inspired friends on the days you feel a bit too flat for taking action.

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    5 tips for insomnia

    Drink this 2 hours before bed to sleep better (plus 5 tips for insomnia) by Mike Geary - Certified Nutrition Specialist Author of the best seller: The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging I've noticed in my travels and with working with clients that a large majority of people in today's fast-paced stressful world are struggling at least part of the time with falling asleep at night. Over the years, I've also struggled on occasion with insomnia because of the stress placed on me by running a large publishing business. And I've researched and learned quite a few tips and tricks over the years to help fight insomnia and fall asleep faster. Without diving into every single technique I've learned over the years, I'll just touch on a few really simple, but powerful tips, foods, drinks, etc that I think can help you to fall asleep easier and faster too! Here goes: 1. The most important sleep tip to start with: This one isn't a specific food or drink, but rather probably THE most important tip I can give you... if you don't follow this one, your chances of being able to wind down at night and fall asleep fast are unlikely... You NEED to eliminate use of devices, computers, emails, and any other work related to your job (or other stressful things) at least 3 hours before you plan to go to sleep. Using devices or computers for casual reading at night is fine, but don't do any work that gets your mind overly activated, such as anything dealing with work or other stressful things in life. Also, even for casual reading, it's best to turn off devices at least 1 hour before bed as keeping your eyes focused on the light from devices is one thing that some researchers are saying could interfere with getting quality sleep. An overly active mind late at night is one of the BIGGEST things keeping many people from falling asleep. As a success-driven entrepreneur myself, I used to work really late at night and then I'd find that my mind was always too active to actually be able to fall asleep, so I'd lay there for hours sometimes until I could get my mind to slow down so I could fall asleep. This may sound weird, but one trick that's worked for me is to grab a book while I lay in bed on something that I find sort of boring and try to read the book in bed. Because the topic is "boring" to me personally, it keeps my mind away from things that I find more interesting, and it allows me to fall right to sleep. So for example, if you find health and fitness interesting (I hope you do!), but you find economics boring, try reading an economics book as you lay in bed. I bet you'll get sleepy and fall asleep much faster than if you laid in bed letting all your thoughts about daily life race through your mind. 2. No caffeine after mid-day: You've probably heard this tip many times, so I'll keep this one short... It takes about 6 hours for caffeine to be fully processed and eliminated by your body, so make sure your last caffeinated drink of the day (coffee, black tea, mate, etc) is at LEAST 6 hours or more before your planned bedtime. And if you've been showing any adrenal fatigue from lab hormone tests, you should also consider reducing your daily caffeine intake if you currently use it. 3. Tart cherries or tart cherry juice: Tart cherries (Montmorency) actually contain a natural form of melatonin that can help you to naturally get sleepy and more easily fall asleep. I've found frozen tart cherries a few times in specialty grocery stores and I use them for a late night smoothie occasionally. I've also found a tart cherry concentrate in Whole Foods and other health food stores that you can add to a drink or caffeine-free tea at night to help get you that low dose natural melatonin. I use 1 spoonful of this tart cherry concentrate in a cup of chamomile or mint tea late at night. This helps immensely for calming down and falling asleep at night. A side benefit is that tart cherry also contains powerful antioxidants that fight joint pain, gout, and other inflammation related problems. 4. DON'T overdose on melatonin supplements (most contain TOO MUCH) Did you know that MOST people overdose on melatonin supplements. Most melatonin supplements come in either 3 mg or even 5 mg doses. However, according to some researchers, anything more than 1 mg might be too high of a dose, which can disrupt your sleep cycle the following day, making it hard to wake up in the morning, and harder to fall asleep the following night, disrupting your overall sleep cycle. The proper dose seems to be something less than 1 mg from most experts on this topic (this was even discussed on the Dr Oz show too), which is why I choose to NEVER use melatonin supplements, and only get the small natural quantities found in tart cherries or tart cherry juice. 5. Night time teas: Try "night time teas" that have relaxing qualities such as chamomile tea, mint tea, lemongrass tea, or all of them mixed. A side benefit of chamomile tea, and another reason that I try to include it in my weekly night tea repertoire is that chamomile tea contains unique phytonutrients that can help fight estrogenic overload from all of the xenoestrogens that we are exposed to from chemicals, pesticides, etc in today's chemical laden world. Also remember that you can add a spoonful of the tart cherry concentrate and you'll get a double-whammy of sleep aid! This works well about 1-2 hours before bedtime to help your body and mind relax. One more tip... If you still have troubles falling asleep even after implementing all of these tips, make sure to pay attention to fixing any hormonal issues you might have, including any possible adrenal fatigue, since being overly stressed out during the day can cause imbalances in your natural cortisol cycle which can make you more awake at night and more tired in the morning (obviously the opposite of what you want). Eliminate any stressors from your life that you can, and also trying other relaxation techniques including meditation as a way to deal with stress if you still feel that you're too stressed out each day. I hope today's topic gave you some immediately useful tips that you can use to start falling asleep easier and faster and feeling more rested and energetic when you wake up in the morning! Make sure to pay attention to ALL of the tips above (especially #1) as they can all combine into a powerful regimen that relaxes you to sleep each night without any more insomnia, leaving you more energetic and ready to be productive when you wake up each day! If you want to sleep better, balance your hormones, and fight against the aging process, don't miss the 'next page' below...

    What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word "hypnosis"? Most definitely you will be apprehensive. In fact, you will immediately end up not reading the rest of the article. That is why as early as now, you should learn to set aside all the negative preconceived notions you have about it.While this course is for those who wish to take their hypnosis training to the next level, it can also be taken by the laymen with no hypnosis experience or training. Ericksonian Hypnosis is a one of the foremost bodies of knowledge for exploring mechanics of the unconscious mind, identifying and activating the resources that naturally reside within us, discovering new methods to resolve inner conflicts, and overcoming obstacles and challenges in our lives.

    Dr. Milton Erickson has been coined by many as “The Greatest Hypnotist of The 20th Century” for his unorthodox methods of what could only be called miracle curing. The basis of his work will show you how the unconscious mind is a source of wisdom,  creativity and the resources needed to achieve any objective including that of self-healing. Develop a deeply satisfying relationship with your unconscious through hypnotic explorations and techniques and learn powerful tools for tapping into this unlimited source of possibilities Whether your goal is to become a Certified Ericksonian Hypnotist and expand your hypnosis knowledge into a highly respected realm of learning, become a master communicator or to simply acquire his profound knowledge and techniques to enhance your level of personal development, the skills you will learn in this course can change your life and help you to start achieving your goals faster and easier.

    If hypnosis is not new to you, this course will take you to the next level! You will now be able to journey into realms deep within the unconscious mind of your clients and yourself to create powerful changes in ways you’ve never experienced before. Please check your local laws to see if there are licensing requirements to practice hypnosis where you live and work.

    Upon completion of your training, you will be certified by the American Alliance of Hypnotists to practice Ericksonian Hypnosis. Please check your state guidelines for specific licensing requirements. Most states in the US do not require a specific license to practice hypnosis.

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