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Build your own solar power system

Hello, My name is Michael Harvey.

I am 57 years old and have been involved with renewable energy for over 15 years.

It has only been in the last 6 years that I have really been taking energy creation seriously. Since then I have been building solar and wind power systems for family and my friends.

My house can be seen from the main road and I started to get many people driving to my house just to ask me questions about my solar and wind generators. They wanted to know how I built these green energy systems by myself and how they can have a similar set-up.

That's when I decided to write a book on the subject explaining how they could make these power generating systems by themselves. I started handing out my book to locals and whoever came to my door.

I received a lot of positive feed back on my book and was told that I should publish it online to help people from all over the world.

I tried giving my book out for free but I simply couldn't get the word out there. There are so many web sites out there and mine didn't’t get any attention. I was then told I should charge a fee for my book and use the money for advertising. That’s exactly what I did and now I am helping hundreds of people every day! The money made from this web site is put back into advertising and I have been able to help more people than I thought imaginable.

So anybody that joins Earth4Energy is not only helping themselves but are also helping us get the word out there! This rolling affect will have a great impact on our planet.

If you are interested in creating electricity from your own homemade solar panels or wind generator than read the Earth4Energy manual. My members also receive video instructions to help them make their solar panels. The videos are a new addition and the video series will continue to grow.

All members get unlimited access which means if you decided to join today, you will still be able to get all future book updates and new videos.

If you are interested in getting started with your own green energy solution than you can join the famous Earth4Energy members area here.

I hope to see some pictures of your energy project and I look forward to getting to know you further.

All the best,

Michael Harvey

23 Responses to "Build your own solar power system"

said this on 22 May 2009 1:40:50 PM UTC
Hi Michael! This is the second help-save-the-world article I've read in like 15 minutes...that does my heart good and thank you for being such an amazing, giving soul. After I saw the picture of the sea turtle with the plastic bag hanging out of its mouth on Oprah, I went and finally got a bunch of the canvas bags that evening (something that I've been telling myself to do for forever) and yes, Oprah, we still use paper towels, but have cut WAY back. :) The changing of the bulbs was our first step a while back ~ if you have a discount club store close by, you can really stock up for not a lot of money. Every little thing that each one of us does truly makes a difference in everyone else's lives...thanks for the inspiration and the post! klk

said this on 21 May 2009 11:11:09 AM UTC
Isn't that interesting, that people only saw value after they paid for it. I think your program is great. We need to become more energy efficient as a nation, and people can take a meaningful step right here to reduce their carbon footprint.

Relationship Advice
said this on 18 May 2009 10:44:46 PM UTC
This should be the focus for any homeowners. I would like to see more contruction companies build their homes more green and then sell the green house they built. That should be the wave of the future.

Jim Hickey
said this on 18 May 2009 10:58:57 PM UTC
Hello Michael,

Very interesting post and I am glad to see that you are making a successful run at getting the word out. I believe we need to look at our energy future from a decentralized standpoint where the appropriate technology is used for a given situation. It's great to see someone starting to spread a viable alternative to the general public since that helps decentralize even more.

Jim Hickey

Vicki Zerbee
said this on 18 May 2009 11:36:10 PM UTC
I think it is great how you started by doing this for your own home and helping family and friends. It makes sense to document what you know so that others may benefit as well as our environment. It is generous of you to create ongoing material and have it accessible to all who purchase your book.

I promote being green through my business by encouraging the use of green cleaning products that don't have toxins, chemicals or fumes that aren't healthy for us or for our planet. These are measurable benefits for people and our world.

Kevin Phoenix
said this on 19 May 2009 1:08:58 AM UTC
Michael, bonjour from France. A very interesting post, thank you. Becoming independent of the utility companies is a long term objective for my family and I. One of our neighbours has been "off grid" for 5 years - I'm quite envious, especially when I read of the increasing energy costs.

Electricity in France is very expensive; thank goodness it is subsidised by all those customers of EDF in Britain.

said this on 19 May 2009 12:13:09 PM UTC
I don't know about you but now a days, saving money is at the top of the list and what a great way of protecting our non-renewable resources by using your product. Thanks for the information!

said this on 19 May 2009 3:15:54 PM UTC
Michael, would you mind dropping by my house and teaching me how to set up my own system? :-) Congratulations on helping hundreds of people each day. It would be so outstanding to be generating my own power and if this effort spreads - and it will - we will reduce our burden on the resources of the planet. There are incentives for doing this and I do know someone who sells her power to the utility companies. So cool.

Julie McClelland
said this on 19 May 2009 3:41:01 AM UTC
Very interesting. Australian Government at the moment has several recession stimulus packages relating to solar hotwater, solar power and roof insulation, so coming across your article is very timely indeed. I shall forward your blog to my husband who is a great power watcher, he's always looking for ways to save power, water and energy to lower our bills. Me...well I have my husband...what more can I say. I do like saving costs and using renewable energy though - good here for the tropics because 9 months of the year we get pretty much endless sun.

Jon Clayton
said this on 19 May 2009 7:11:12 AM UTC
Michael, what a fascinating idea. I am very interested. The idea of being independent for my household energy is wise and efficient. I also hope you are able to get the word out and help a lot of people with this. My best wishes are for you. Thanks!

toronto realtor
said this on 19 May 2009 6:16:28 PM UTC
Perfect! glad to see this post, I am big fan of solar energy too! Few days ago i published article about government subsidies for solar panel grants in canada There are some nice possibilities, but most of the people have no idea about his...

Steve DeVane
said this on 19 May 2009 7:38:45 PM UTC
Hi Michael,

I commend you for your commitment to renewable energy and the courage to take the needed steps to make a difference.

Your plan sounds like a great idea. Putting the money from the site into advertising to help more people. Instead of a vicious cycle, it's a good cycle.

Congratulations and best wishes for your continued success. I look forward to reading more about your endeavors.

Steve DeVane

Dianne Hansen
said this on 19 May 2009 10:35:12 PM UTC
Hi Michael,

The story of how you started getting traffic to your home is quite the success story! And now you're getting traffic online.

I'm glad to know you want to help people. You're surely going the extra mile.

I help people too... with their water.

said this on 20 May 2009 8:44:26 AM UTC
This is a really worthwhile idea Michael, with the ever increasing cost of energy it means solar energy becomes more attractive all the time. And it's likely the more popular its use is the more cost effective it should be to install.

said this on 20 May 2009 10:40:27 AM UTC
Amazing! We rent our home right now, but are moving soon. We are planning on setting up our own solar power energy. You are awesome to share your knowledge with the world! I love how you truly want to help others!

Brenda Bunney
said this on 20 May 2009 4:27:02 PM UTC
Your story is great and very interesting. I can tell you really want to help others. I'm sure many home owners are looking for great ways to reduced their energy bills, so thanks for offering this to the world.

said this on 23 May 2009 11:40:32 AM UTC
This is a really timely topic. Energy bills are really big and at times like this people are looking to reduce their costs in anyway possible. Renewable energy really is going to be at the heart of business going forward. We have already seen Obama's commitment to it in the U.S

said this on 23 May 2009 11:42:53 AM UTC
Hmm, I just wrote this comment and it didn't seem to go through. Ok, second attempt. As I said in the first. This is a really timely article. People are looking to reduce their energy bills during these recessionary times and I also feel renewable energy will be at the heart of most global businesses going forward. We have already seen this commitment from Obama in the states.

said this on 25 May 2009 10:31:43 AM UTC
It's always great to see when something works out even better than you had expected. Congrats on helping a lot of people out Michael. It's awesome you get to make advertising revenue to help even more to!

said this on 28 May 2009 3:59:18 AM UTC
This type of power source is just what we need today. These days, we need a good source of power, one that is readily available and renewable. Our resources today are slowly getting depleted and so having an alternative power source is a very welcome idea. Not only does this help our environment from further degradation, it can also help us save money as we can get rid of our utility bills that keep on rising.

said this on 10 Dec 2009 11:47:24 AM UTC
it sounds a great idea.i am interested and want to know more

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