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Understanding Dreaming

(Part 1) must be seen first to flow. Part 2 of The holographic universe proves that the physical world we believe is real is in fact illusion. Energy fields are decoded by our brains into a 3D picture, to give the illusion of a physical world.

What Are Dreams?
By Hina Khosa

A Dream is series of thoughts and images taking place while one is sleeping. To explain I can give you an example. Omer, a thirty-three-year-old accountant, dreams he is a gladiator in the ancient Roman Colosseum. He kills an opponent in combat. He awakens from the dream in a state of excitement. There is a lingering feeling of fear. A moment ago he was in danger of losing his life! There is also a sense of satisfaction associated with his success in a fight to the death. Omer smiles and thinks to himself, 'It seemed real.'

There have been many attempts to explain the meaning of dreams. One of the most famous is Freud's dream theory. Freud said that a dream is the expression of a forbidden wish in life. The dreams exists on two levels: the manifest content and the latent content. The manifest content is the actual thoughts and images of the dream, the surface of the dream. The latent content is the meaning of the dream and contains the forbidden wish. The manifest content is a disguise for the forbidden wish, a kind of censorship imposed by the ego.

Omer's dream is fairly transparent in Freudian terms. The manifest content of his dream makes him a killer under permissible conditions. The latent content is a repressed wish to inflict harm or injury against some other person in his life, perhaps some one who is frustrating him and toward whom he has built up hostility. The identity of this person is masked in the dream because the knowledge is too threatening to Omer's ego.

There are, of course, other explanations of the meaning of the meaning of dreams than Freud's. I will discuss this in some other article.

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Holographic Universe (Part 1 of 2 ) its all illusion.

Understanding Dreaming its all illusion.
Holographic Universe ( Part 2 0f 2 ) its all illusion


Some say that thinking of this world as an illusion is irresponsible, and will only bring suffering and lack of interest.  However, one who truly sees the world as maya, will laugh and dance through life.  My teacher once described this world as a two-day picnic that you go to on a holiday.  When the veil of maya is rent, you begin to see that you are an eternal being, travelling through countless fields of existence at once.  All the thoughts, colors and memories we know are the handiwork of that eternal being, the hub of this wheel of life.  It's like the experience of awakening from a dream where you are running for your life from a gang of criminals.   Upon awakening, you realize that it was all maya, illusion.  The criminals did not exist, nor were they chasing you.

Understanding the Nature of Illusion

by Sharon Janis

With enjoyment, comes fear of disease
With social position, fear of disfavor
With riches, fear of hostile people
With honor, fear of humiliation
With power, fear of enemies
With beauty, fear of old age
With scholarship, fear of challengers
With virtue, fear of traducers
With the identification with body, fear of death
Everything in this world is done with fear
Renunciation alone makes one fearless.

                                        — Bhartruhari

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IMPORTANT NOTE Dreams are very efficient. Meaning, they can address multiple issues on multiple topics all in one story line! A dream can warn you of health dangers, predict the future, point out personality flaws (or credits) and solve a current problem all in one dream! Some dreams are worthy of repeated analysis, and just because you can come up with two or three interpretations, does not mean that only one can be right, in fact they could all easily be right.

What's It All Mean?
Click the picture or CLICK HERE to visit Dream Central's page on do-it-yourself dream analysis! Here you will find a LOT of useful and easy to understand information on dreams and Learn how to analyze your own dreamsdream remembrance. Analyzing your own dreams may sound hard, and somewhat intimidating, but it can be done quite easily. This page will show you:

  • What you need
  • How to sleep properly
  • How to remember your dreams
  • How to dream more often, with more clarity
  • Definitions of some universal symbols

Last Day Dream from torbjon on Vimeo.

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said this on 29 Apr 2010 4:11:56 AM UTC
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