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Flexi-Bar Vibration Training

Flexi-Bar Vibration Strength Training Deep Core Muscles
By Phillip Skinner

Stretch Reflex Contraction is a form of contraction that we can create from using vibrating equipment like a Flexi-bar. The vibrations from using a Flexi-bar work all of the muscles of your entire body. The actual action of shaking a Flexi-bar causes a vibration to be passed through your whole body. This vibration pushes and stretches the muscles out of their natural alignment.

The difference between using a Flexi-bar compared to other training techniques is that with the Flexi-bar you use up to 100% muscle fibre compared to 40-60% with the more traditional training techniques.

The idea of using vibration in training has been around for over 40 years. Russian scientists originally developed the concept for their space program to aid their cosmonauts maintain their physical condition. They wanted to reduce the loss of muscle mass and maintain bone density. Up until recently the most common form of vibration devices came from large expensive machines.

With vibration training you don't have to workout for nearly as long as other methods but the results are fast and effective. Muscular blood flow is seriously improved, which is a great aid in speeding up the recovery from workouts and injuries. When your body gets more blood flowing it restores nutrients to muscles cells as well as removing any toxic waste and damaged tissue.

Anybody of any age and fitness level can use a Flexi-bar. It is very safe to use and you can workout your entire body, sculpt your muscles and tone your wobbly bits.You can even train to improve you performance in any sport. If you are tired or have tired muscles you can still use it because when your muscles have had enough you're Flexi-bar simply will not swing. The Flexi-bar really is a revolutionary piece of equipment that does so much for your health.

The Flexi-bar hard work is all done through the vibration it transmits through the body. This vibrating action of the bar pushes stretches the muscles out of their natural alignment. Because you muscles have been stretched your brain then sends a messaged to those stretched muscles to contract in order to bring them back to their center state of equilibrium.

Overall the Flexi-bar is a great vibrating training aid that helps to relieve muscular tightness in the neck, back and hips, improves your posture, tone your muscles, enhance your performance in sports, increase muscular strength and endurance, helps with arthritis and is a great aid in postnatal recovery.

The actual bar is made from a thin fibreglass pole with weights at both ends. It is very light and easy to hold but you will be surprised at how challenging the workout will be. You first of all have to get the bar to shake. Once it is shaking the idea is to keep it shaking. Sounds simple? Well it is not as easy as it sounds and it draws attention to any muscular imbalances you may have. The more you use it the more the core muscles become stronger.

So if you are looking for a training aid that is really easy to use and is good for your all round fitness why not give the Flexi-bar a try. You will notice the results very quickly and with regular use you will be amazed at how you feel.

FLEXI-BAR works all of the muscles of the entire body. The action of shaking the FLEXI-BAR causes a vibration to be passed through the body. This vibration pushes, or stretches the muscles out of their natural alignment. This misalignment sends an automatic message to the brain, via the nervous system, that the muscles have been stretched. The brain sends a message back to the stretched muscles to "contract" or shorten, in an effort to bring them back to their "center", or state of equilibrium. As long as you're not standing still, you can rest assured that you're moving Active Balance Core Dynamic Exercises -

The ABC of Dynamic Exercise Wherever Your Standing Is Where You Start.

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2 Responses to "Flexi-Bar Vibration Training"

Phillip Skinner ( Author/Admin)
said this on 12 May 2011 7:18:56 AM UTC
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Then you will be able to benefit from his latest set of Videos that Dennis will be adding to his YouTube channel to share with you UNDERSTAND, GOOD, PLAY! from his in-depth study of this wisdom Nature's Natural Movement Well being Practices? By using a FLEXI-BAR With as little as 30-45 minutes exercise per week, you can often expect immediate changes in core strength, rapid improvements in weak or injured muscles, Because FLEXI-BAR® utilizes vibration training to work the deep muscles of the core (muscles that attach to the spine) you can expect to feel dramatic results, FAST!

Phillip Skinner ( Author/Admin)
said this on 12 May 2011 7:36:10 AM UTC

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