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Do you think possibly it is time to try a different approach ?

I been saying this for years.

 stick your guns (no pun intended), the message in that image is bang on.
Funding two b.s. wars and giving billions annually in foreign aid is more important than universal health care and subsidized housing for our own poor - our own families. how pathetic is that?

1 Response to "Do you think possibly it is time to try a different approach ?"

Phillip Skinner
said this on 14 Nov 2010 12:49:12 AM UTC
You would think in today’s education and technology – we as the earth’s humane race would have wised up by now – to realize this is paradise we are living on earth right here right now and we are only passing through - three score years and ten if we are lucky –

So wouldn’t it make sense to stop fighting one another and move forwards to enjoying all the fruits and beauty this earth has on offer and most of it free to us all and would only get better if we all worked together to make sure we don’t pollute what the earth has to give for ever and every day the sun comes up

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