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Pain-free in 45 seconds

  Pain-free in  
45 seconds

Or your money back, guaranteed

The secret pain-reliever that doctors are using,
but you couldn't have – until now.

A Special Report by Allan Spreen, MD

It does what no pain pill on earth ever did, safely and non-addictively. In fact, an amount the size of a pin-head can totally blow away previous compounds. Doctors like me turn to it first for their own arthritis and muscle aches, but you'll never find it, except...

Better get more than one bottle...
PRIME SUSPECTS: Hubby, wife, mom, dad, kids, coworkers...

Then another stunner took us by surprise. An incredible avalanche of reorders. Seems that after folks try Soothanol X2, they encourage their loved ones to try it -- and never get the bottle back!

Count on it, friend. As soon as this little bottle leaves your hands...

It's going to transform the life of everyone who touches it...

Think for a moment of your Mom with her tender hip (she won't complain, but you can tell by the way she walks)... the spouse who sleeps beside you (and keeps you up, tossing and turning)... your active, adventurous kids (who sometimes come home wincing)... your coworker (in pain after pounding the keyboard all day)... your handyman (after all he's fixed for you, wouldn't it be nice to fix his knee pain?)... Hey, do you know anyone over 40 who doesn't have some kind of nagging pain? Or anyone under 40 who doesn't get banged up now and then? Your list of probable Soothanol thieves is endless, isn't it?

So the people at NorthStar Nutritionals are making it easy for you to help all your loved ones, without busting the budget...

Limited time offer: Buy more than one and get up to 3 FREE BOTTLES!

Buy two and you'll get one FREE -- or better still, buy 3 and you'll get 3 FREE!

Plus, of course, each bottle you buy carries the same RISK-FREE, money-back guarantee. Every bottle has to work for everyone who tries it, or just return the unused portion (including free bottles) for a full refund of the purchase price.

Yes, we promise! You'll see the relief on your loved one's face when they try their first 2 or 3 drops, or you'll get a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling). But I'm confident you'll be joining the chorus of families who have been writing us to say... 

Buy two and you'll get one FREE -- or better still, buy 3 and you'll get 3 FREE!


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