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If you want your dog to be safe then one of the most important things you can do is train him to “Stay”.  When your dog masters this command you can be assured that you can keep him in a safe spot if there is danger around. 

Important as it may be, the “Stay” command can be quite difficult for your dog to learn. Why?  Simply because this command requires that your dog stay put while you move around – this can be difficult as it is in your pet’s nature to follow you.  However, with persistence and perseverance, you can both master this command.

Before you start training your dog to stay, you must make sure he has mastered the “Sit” command as it is the first part of the “Stay” command.  Don’t confuse your dog by trying to teach him too many commands at once, start with one, then move on to the next and then the next and so on. 

Having said that, if your dog has mastered the “Sit” command, here are some steps to follow in order to train your dog to “Stay”:


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