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Stretches for Work Station Stiffness

I'm having a great deal of trouble typing today's newsletter, because my shoulders have swallowed my neck. I'm not quite sure when this happened, but clearly something needs to be done.  

Stretch at Your Desk

My options are: 1) Crank up my chair to its maximum height and start wearing my keyboard around my neck, or 2) learn some stretches I can do right at my desk to solve this problem once and for all.
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Yoga Stretches at Your Desk

I've been trying to get to a yoga class for about two weeks now, so I'm very happy to have these stretches to do in the office. (Also, I've decided they count as a class. Done, and done!)
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How to Counteract the Computer Hunch

Ever see a picture of yourself after a long hard day at the office? Most of us look like we're trying to touch our toes with stooping. Either that, or that we've been left on the radiator too long.
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The Essential 2-Minute Stretch Program

I need this, especially the part about stretches that combat eye strain. A few months ago, I went to the eye doctor thinking I needed new glasses. His prescription, in part? "Blink."
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