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What Does Wellbeing Mean to You?

Wellness to me is no aches or pains I want to feel my body float as I walk I want to move in omnidirectional ways so I feel no pain or shocks to my system or body parts  So What does wellness mean to you the reader? 

Wellness is the act of bringing your body and soul to the highest and healthiest level it can be at. We attain wellness through physical activities that make our body stronger,

The ability to integrate healthy choices into everyday living. It is the awareness followed by the choices that determine the degree of wellness, more than just physical health. It means balance in a number of areas of your life. One is well when there is peace of mind with themselves, their family and their finances. One is well when they have time to pursue what matters most in their life and when they can lend a hand to others.

A person can increase their resilience and improve their level of wellness by identifying these factors and then making the changes in their life. This can be done in a variety of ways… diet and exercise or through finding betters ways to handle stress or difficult emotions.

Wellness means returning to our natural, whole, balanced, content, fulfilled, and healthy selves, Wellness means that at the end of the day - going to bed and thinking - I have helped someone today and there is nothing in it for me!

clear and a high level of energy, an emotional balance, a sharp mind, a desire to maintain physical fitness and a direct awareness of what enhances your health. Wellness includes resilience to infectious diseases and protection from the major killer diseases such as heart disease and cancer. It consequently means slowing down the ageing process which no one can stop and living a long and healthy life.

So, take the right decision today, think the three qualities of adaptability, creativity and engagement are good ones to consider when grappling with this concept called health.

But there’s another word doing the rounds now - “wellness”. Was does “wellness” mean to you, and does it mean something that “health” doesn’t?

The Physical Dimension of Wellness for an adult includes all aspects of keeping your body functioning at its maximum capacity over the entire lifespan; delaying the onset of disease or dysfunction until the last stages of life is the ultimate goal. Exercise, nutrition, weight management, self-care habits, stress reduction, sleep, and prevention behaviors all contribute to keeping the body moving adequately to fulfill its daily requirements. Physical wellness enables us to remain independent and stay fully engaged in a movement oriented, lifestyle integrating social, vocational, and environmental tasks.

challenging you to examine these areas of your life and to set your own goals about how to improve each aspect, Wellness is a proactive approach to living an optimal lifestyle. Wellness is an active process through with the individual becomes aware of and makes choices toward a more successful and healthy existence. The individual takes a primary role in his or her wellness.

various exercise, health, & mind-body topics. Read on for more information! tools to help create a life of balance - to eat a healthier diet, to work exercise into your busy lifestyle, as well as get a handle on your stress.

Since wellness is a big idea, It includes health habits, such as exercise and diet. strong belief system that helps an individual understand their place and purpose in the world. These areas emphasize the connection between the mind and the body.

Everyone gets stressed. However, stress can wear your body down, mentally and physically. A healthy body can cope with stress better than an unhealthy one. Stress management teaches a person different ways to keep your body healthy. Wellness includes many of the same skills that are part of stress management. Staying physically active is an excellent stress buster as is sticking to a healthy diet. Other ways to manage stress include humor, keeping a balanced life, getting enough sleep, and meditation.

We’ve all encountered people in our lives who seem to have an inner glow about them, an inner beauty that has nothing to do with youth, movie star good looks or an hour glass figure. We can’t quite put our finger on what it is that sets them apart, but they seem to be surrounded by an energy of vitality and wellness. While there is an abundance of pills, powders and potions on the market that all claim to hold the secret of perfect health, the real secret behind that healthy glow can be found in one simple concept: balance. By maintaining a healthy balance between the opposing forces in our lives, we can achieve an optimal state of wellness that will accompany us throughout our lives. When we sacrifice our balance, we compromise our potential to be well.

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2 Responses to "What Does Wellbeing Mean to You?"

Nuff Said
said this on 13 Mar 2009 4:06:47 PM UTC
Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins.
Jim Rohn

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