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Nelson Berry

Nelson Berry is a Master of Subliminal Messages and Expert in the Subliminal Audio and Subliminal Video Field for over 2 Decades! You Love The Way That YOUR Life *Flows* and LOVE the Feelings, Fun, Fortune and Happiness it gives YOU! YOUR Dreams Really Do Come True!! Click Here for a FREE Subliminal Video Download ($39.95 Value) Right Now -- Today! Try It:

 Articles by this Author

Subconscious Mind Control

Subliminal messages are images, sounds, and words that are inputted into your subconscious mind. Because this part of your mind's state is the most receptive, you are able to accept the message and make it a part of your life. That's why subliminal messages are commonly used during visualization processes, self-hypnoses, and advertising.

When you’re working, it’s expected you will experience some kind of stress After all, you have plenty of sources: demanding boss, office politics, deadlines, revisions, projects, and a whole lot more Individuals and corporations looking for ways to reduce the risk of RSI and increase employee productivity, should consider taking a proactive approach to the problem and investigate solutions such as Simple Health Exercises Desk Top as a way to reduce lost productivity and medical claims.


Subliminal Secrets Exposed

How to Get Rich with Subliminal Messages You know how magnets work Opposing poles attract; like poles repel Welcome to the science and art of High Performance Subliminal Messages.

Keep reading, and over the next 2 minutes I'll show you exactly how the world's most powerful "thought" technique can help you achieve anything...and I mean ANYTHING your heart desires.

  • Earn more money
  • Lose weight
  • Improve your love life
  • Feel great about yourself
  • Or achieve that one thing you've always wanted but never thought you could do
You CAN do it ALL when you harness the tremendous untapped power of your SUBLIMINAL thoughts.
Subliminal Secrets Exposed  YOU have the POWER to achieve absolutely ANYTHING YOU WANT!

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word "hypnosis"? Most definitely you will be apprehensive. In fact, you will immediately end up not reading the rest of the article. That is why as early as now, you should learn to set aside all the negative preconceived notions you have about it.While this course is for those who wish to take their hypnosis training to the next level, it can also be taken by the laymen with no hypnosis experience or training. Ericksonian Hypnosis is a one of the foremost bodies of knowledge for exploring mechanics of the unconscious mind, identifying and activating the resources that naturally reside within us, discovering new methods to resolve inner conflicts, and overcoming obstacles and challenges in our lives.

Dr. Milton Erickson has been coined by many as “The Greatest Hypnotist of The 20th Century” for his unorthodox methods of what could only be called miracle curing. The basis of his work will show you how the unconscious mind is a source of wisdom,  creativity and the resources needed to achieve any objective including that of self-healing. Develop a deeply satisfying relationship with your unconscious through hypnotic explorations and techniques and learn powerful tools for tapping into this unlimited source of possibilities Whether your goal is to become a Certified Ericksonian Hypnotist and expand your hypnosis knowledge into a highly respected realm of learning, become a master communicator or to simply acquire his profound knowledge and techniques to enhance your level of personal development, the skills you will learn in this course can change your life and help you to start achieving your goals faster and easier.

If hypnosis is not new to you, this course will take you to the next level! You will now be able to journey into realms deep within the unconscious mind of your clients and yourself to create powerful changes in ways you’ve never experienced before. Please check your local laws to see if there are licensing requirements to practice hypnosis where you live and work.

Upon completion of your training, you will be certified by the American Alliance of Hypnotists to practice Ericksonian Hypnosis. Please check your state guidelines for specific licensing requirements. Most states in the US do not require a specific license to practice hypnosis.

Our graduates receive lifetime support