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Reba N. Stern

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Eating For Life

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the virtue of acceptance and contentment. Once we start improving ourselves, we naturally start feeling good, content and happy.

Constructing A Better You

So what ways can you stay calm, composed and maintain self-esteem in a difficult environment? Here are some key steps you may to consider as a launching pad to self-improvement. Picture yourself as a Dart Board. Think of everything and everyone else around you as Dart Pins. As they strike, they damage your self-esteem and hurt you in so many ways. Now how can you stop them?

Get Yourself In Shape
Table of Contents
The S twins: Self-improvement & Success Page: 5
Why 7
Constructing A Better You Page: 8
Where Does Your Faith Lie Page: 10
What Is Your Inspiration Page: 13
Here Are The Keys Page: 15
Crash Course 7-Day Program to Self-Improvement Page: 17
10 Inspirational Self-Improvement Quotes Page: 19
Resource Guide and Bonuses Page: 21 -
Spending those lazy afternoons in the couch just watching television and simultaneously eating popcorn while drinking a soda Wow, the life of the couch potato is going to be the end of you -

There you have it; exercise will keep you in shape but having a sport will get you in shape while you are having fun.
Whichever you prefer, you are investing on quality recreation.
Much better than just sitting around getting fat. Now, you can have body fitness and fun in one package.

Eating For Life