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Adriana J Noton

After a tough workout, enjoy time in a sauna to relax and burn some additional calories. Saunas are great for your skin and many people use them daily. Outdoor saunas are the easiest option if one is considering investing.

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Do you want to look more toned and fit than you currently do Most of us could do with a little more muscle density in order to look our best The first prototype of the MBT trainer was constructed in 1996 and by 2000 approximately 20,000 pairs were sold in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, home to the ever-ugly Birkenstock – and even that was eclipsed in hideousness by the MBT.

Since then the shoe has exploded in popularity and despite its ugliness was leapt upon by celebrities such as Jemima Khan, Jodie Kidd, Sadie Frost - and anyone else who could afford the eye-watering £129 price tag.

In fact, the shoe has been so successful that other shoe manufacturers have taken up the idea. The FitFlop, launched last year, claims to lengthen and tone the leg with the sandal's built-in "micro-wobble board", which means the leg muscles have to work harder to stay balanced.
MBT shoes: do they actually work?