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Dr. Maasi J. Smith is the brainchild of Dr. Maasi J. Smith, founder and director of Rittenhouse Foot and Ankle Associates in Philadelphia and developer of the highly acclaimed, all-natural Dr. Smith’s Foot Care product line. offers a wealth of information to improve your foot health and help you cope with foot-related disorders including ankle, shin and knee problems.

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What The Foots Its All About EH? (Article)A Detox Foot Bath Helps To Release Toxins In Your Body And Feet, Reduce Tension In Foot Muscles, And Eliminate Foot Odors A detox foot bath is a therapeutic treatment I often recommend to my patients and visitors to MyBadFeet -
The body is an integrated whole so changes in one area can have knock on effects in another.

An antalgic gait, a gait pattern employed with the aim of pain avoidance, is an example of a common gait anomaly. A neighbour I see regularly walks around holding his back very stiff and using just his legs to move. He glides about without the up and down and side to side movements typical in gait, trying to limit stresses in his back. With foot problems making a person have an abnormal gait this can stimulate problems in other body parts as they try hard to reduce stresses through the troubled area.

What The Foots It All About Eh! (Article)