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William F. Gabriel

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Lucid dreaming is the ability to wake up "inside" your dreams. You're a character, alive in this special world - where you can do literally anything you want! Click here to experience it: You can go flying. Meet your hero. Act out your WILDEST FANTASIES.

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With the 'Lucid Dreaming Kit', you'll learn how to activate the full power of your mind to control not only the *content* of your dreams... but stay asleep long enough to enjoy them! What do you want to dream about?

From enjoying the thrills of the world's largest roller coaster to taking a well-earned vacation. From chatting with Einstein to traveling through time.

From getting rid of stage fright to spending a passionate night with the person of your dreams! Can you imagine enjoying adventures like these WHENEVER YOU WANT... literally, on demand?

What's more... can you imagine *knowing* you're dreaming... so you can be anyone you want... do anything you want... in a safe, private world in which you're the master?
Well, that's what Bradley Thompson GUARANTEES -- when you try out one of NEW Lucid Dreaming Kit. Want to learn more?

Here's the official website: I strongly recommend you check it out. HIGHLY recommended!
Wilson Cowden

Sleep is so important for maintain health and recovering from daily activities and exercise When people don’t get enough sleep the consequences be significant -

How This Works The technique is based on pranayama, an ancient Indian practice that means 'regulation of breath.'

The Harvard-trained doctor behind it claims that 4-7-8 is such a powerful technique because it allows oxygen to better fill the lungs.

'This exercise is a natural tranquilizer for the nervous system,' he says.

This extra oxygen can have a relaxing effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a state of calmness.


From the best night's kip being enjoyed on a Wednesday to rising the earliest on a Sunday, new data is giving fascinating insights into how the world sleeps.

Using statistics from Sleep Cycle app users, researchers have discovered that the earliest wake-up time worldwide is on a Monday in South Africa.

MONDAY: The world wakes up earliest on Mondays with South Africa rising first at 6:09 am

TUESDAY: Americans rise early at 7am and are consequently in the worst mood all week.

Other countries that also wake-up grumpy on Tuesdays include Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa and Brazil

WEDNESDAY: 58% of countries surveyed - including the US - experience sleep best on Wednesdays, with China recording the highest sleep quality in the world that night.

THURSDAY: Middle East users sleep longer on Thursdays than any other day, and Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE also report the best mood on Thursdays.

FRIDAY: Americans sleep latest on Fridays, not rising until 8:24am. They also report the best wake-up mood.

People in Costa Rica, Canada, New Zealand and Sweden also wake up the happiest on Friday.

However, the majority of the world (71 per cent), wake up in the best mood on Saturdays.

SATURDAY: Nearly 90% of countries surveyed sleep more and wake up later on Saturday compared to any other day of the week.

SUNDAY: The majority of the world (66% of countries) spends the least amount of time in bed on Sundays.

Topping the list is South Korea where users only sleep 5 hours and 53 minutes on Sunday nights

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