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John Menache

Magnetic bracelets therapy is being used for many years to cure pain in wrists, fingers and hands. You can wear Magnetic bracelets in your wrist to improve blood circulation. For details info, kindly goto John Menache blog at

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Magnetic Bracelet Therapy

Jewelry is a component of interest to all people, regardless of race, class and even ethnicity. This is a normal human life. The question is, do you know that jewelry can be a tool not only decorative but also could serve as a therapeutic tool to maintain health and reduce the level of pain that we experienced. Did you know? - I’ve found that the most effective pain relief method has been around for centuries, but rarely used. This method is called Magnetic Therapy.

Here’s just some of the Good News I stumbled across while doing research:
This method is called Magnetic Therapy.  Here’s just some of the comments I stumbled across while doing research:

Alternative treatments have emerged with massive global recognition since they have effectively replaced the exiting medicines Magnetic treatment is one of probably the most effective healthcare choices that offer pain relieving effect with out any artificial medication consumption. How does it work?
The magnetic
area from the collar provides a static therapy, which dilates blood vessels and improves circulation, thereby enhancing the dog's own capability to heal.

Irritation is usually associated with damaged cells leading to blood flow to become restricted. When subjected to the external magnetic area, blood corpuscles and organic particles become agitated which has the impact of increasing blood flow, increasing cell permeability and stabilizing the acid base without growing coronary heart charge.

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