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Lee Mellott

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How To Have A Happy And Healthy Dog

All in all, walking a dog can really do wonders to your mind, body, soul and social life goes for the dog to!
Being a gradual, moderately paced exercise, it is far more sustainable and provides long-term benefits to the body, unlike some other exercises that provide short-term results.

Over time, regular walkers enjoy Walking your pet dog benefits such as improved levels of fitness, a reduction in body fat and healthier bodies overall.

In addition to the physical Walking your pet dog benefits stress reduction and greater relaxation can be experienced from regular walking.

It is a form of exercise that benefits the whole body including the heart, lungs, muscles, the mind and the soul.Why is it that walking is such a popular form of exercise

Here are some of the compelling reasons - it can be taken up by anybody, anytime; its health benefits are immense, and it can be easily adapted to suit an individual’s unique exercise needs