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Darla Blackmon

Darla Blackmon writes for, a community website that covers local news, music, art, entertainment and health. Read articles about Long Beach health clubs and other fitness options online.

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Doga (rhymes with yoga) is a new type of partnered yoga practice that is done with a special type of friend. Your dog.

That critter of the furry paws and questionable breath, a yoga partner? Well, perhaps it’s not nearly as strange as it sounds.

Doga is a growing movement, with classes springing up across the States, two books on the subject, an instructional DVD, and ‘how to’ videos all over the internet. Well, maybe “all over” is an exaggeration, (the videos haven’t gone viral quite yet) but it is only a matter of time before you'll be seeing that Shih tzu doing the Sun Salutation with Letterman.

So how exactly do you do asanas with your dog?
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