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Bob Sherman

Develop your own flat stomach six pack abs by following our simple, quick techniques. Read and watch everything you need to know about building great abs.

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Abdominal Fat Why is it

Too much abdominal fat is a sign of obesity Moreover, with over 40 million Americans in the obese category we ought to be concerned Body Mass Index body fat measurement method take your weight and height into consideration that will give you an indication of whether you are obese and overweight or in a great body shape. It is a calculation formula: BMI = kg/m2

A healthy BMI score is between 18 and 25. A score below 18 indicates that you may be underweight; a value above 25 indicates that you may be overweight. However, BMI weight measurement method may not be accurate if you are an athlete or a bodybuilder with more muscle mass than an average person.


It’s about using one weird trick you will discover in this video, which allows you to lose one or two pounds of targeted belly fat within 24 hours…and you can KEEP using this trick every day.