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Stan Goldberg

Stan Goldberg, Ph.D.. author of 6 books,100's articles on end-of-life, grieving, and the recovery of joy. His book, Lessons for the Living was awarded the 2009 Best New International Book at the London Book Festival and an excerpt was the lead chapter in McClead's Best Buddhist Writings of 2010.

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Stay Young Exercise

here with advice on how to keep your youthful looks for longerWhy are younger people so reluctant to understand the process of aging? There’s an old saying that we fear most that which we will become. Everyone’s own Uncle Ralph is looming there, peaking over the approaching horizon.

Those of us who have faced east and welcomed the sun, have come to understand that aging, while presenting challenges, is neither the bogeyman nor the doddering old fool often portrayed in hip Hollywood films

Anti-aging, Stay Young Healthy You can't stop getting older but you sure can keep yourself for prematurely aging, keep your body healthy and functioning correctly despite your age. How to stay young, stay healthy and look younger with nutrition.

The evergreen goddess Diana Moran is here with advice on how to keep your youthful looks for longer. Whether it's young-looking skin, an active body or a juvenile mind you're after, Diana has all the tips you need on staying young forever.

Diana Moran's book "Live longer, Feel Younger, Look Great" is out now and is published by Hamlyn.