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Suzanne Hughes

Suzanne Hughes is an eyewear style consultant specializing in reading glasses online. For more information about eyeglasses, vision, or great styles such as Scojo reading glasses, visit her online boutique.

 Articles by this Author

Do you take utmost care of your eyes Maybe you aren’t because causing strain to your eyes and staring at something is also one of the worst things to do since it damages the eyes
  • Great blue light blockers in a clip on flip up style that stays on glasses and covers sight areas without blurring or changing hues with deeper Amber color. These glasses filter out the blue light from the tv, computer and phone that disrupts natural sleep cycles.
  • Eyes use to strain after playing video games. Great for use if you watch TV or use the computer for long periods of time. It can be used for playing games or watch netflix before you sleep at night and these have definitely helped for preventing headaches in the morning and eyestrain.
  • These clip on to the glasses really easily. The clip on pieces are hard plastic and have rubber covers to prevent scratching. They will fit your glasses length and width perfectly. The design was a perfect fit for your glasses which is hard to find do to the shape of the frames.
  • Higher quality at a great price compared to another clip-on brand made cheaper but higher priced that you had to return at half the cost for shipping. Also, they barely weigh, so you won't have much added uncomfortable weight. You can also flip them up if you want to see normally, which is convenient.
  • "Cyxus" is a trademark by "Cyxus Technology Group Ltd" which is the unique manufacturer of "Cyxus". They help lower the glare and strain on your eyes and have even helped with your poor vision at night as it cuts down on all the high UV beam headlights glaring in my eyes at night which cause me a problem.
  • Blue Light Filter Glasses. UV Blocking Anti-Eye Strain Clip On Eyeware

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