The fires are small, red and painful blisters or ulcers, often on the lips and mouth and in 10 percent of cases, nose, chin or cheeks. In rare cases, the surface can be blisters on my fingers, the gums and palate. This disease is caused by the herpes simplex virus occurs. There are two types of herpes simplex - type 1 and type 2 Virus types 1 usually cause cold sores.

The virus in the body and shelters in the root of nerve cells in the central nervous
System .The virus can remain dormant and therefore go undetected for long periods .If this function is activated, it travels to the nerves of the skin, itching and burning. Then grows and multiplies in the cells, the destroying the host cells in the process .What are externally visible, cold sores.

Why are cold sores?

Cold sores are contagious and spread of infection from person to person by contact with the skin in the vicinity. The viruses can also be through infected saliva.

The stage when a person is most contagious when they have active blisters filled with fluid. It reduces the risk of infection after few days, when the sores are dry and crust. Contrary to popular belief, cold sores can not be transmitted through infected clothing and surfaces.

HSV-1 virus is activated due to a variety of conditions such as stress, sunburn, and fever of various infectious diseases and flu or colds. That is why they are called fever blisters or cold sores.
Skin damage and hormonal changes, such as menstruation or changes in the immune function of the body as a trigger .For example, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and a weakened immune system can suffer severe bouts of cold sores.

To answer the question what are cold sores?

We need the different stages of the life cycle of a cold sore. In the first or prodromal phase before it is visible, there is a tingling sensation and soreness. Appear after a few days blisters. They usually occur in groups or clusters. For the fourth or fifth day the blisters burst and ulcers are formed, so much pain.

Ulcers take a few days to dry and form scabs, itching, crack and bleed form. The wounds heal, and finally vanish about 10 days after they appear. Cold sores usually do not leave scars. However, they can occur at any time, sometimes within a month, sometimes after a year. They are also likely to recur at the same location.

Because the herpes simplex virus in the nervous system, even after recovering from an outbreak. No need to consult a doctor to treat cold sores, unless the outbreaks are common. There are many more drugs for the treatment of pain and itching associated with cold sores.

There is no cure for the disease, but at least now you know the answer to the question what are cold sores? Moreover, there are a variety of lip balms, moisturizer and herbal medicinal plants are to alleviate the disease. You can also use a bag of ice on a cold sore, pain and itching.

Here's how a cold sore develops:

The herpes simplex virus-1, which has been deceitful sleeping in the body, reactivates or "wakes up."

The virus travels to the vicinity everyplace the frost sore decides to show up (like a people lip) via the nerve endings.

The theme not more than the skin's surface, somewhere the distant sore is going to appear starts to tingle, itch, or burn.

A red bump appears in the quarter more or less a day or so similar to the tingling.

The bump blisters and turns keen on a frosty sore.

After a few days, the arctic sore dries up and a fair crust appears in its place.

The scab-like blonde crust cascade off and trees behind a pinkish matter everywhere it once was. Until I Found This Alternative Cure

The ruddiness fades gone as the group heals and sends the herpes simplex virus toward the back to "sleep."

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