The recent motion picture "300" was the account of the Spartans who held back the massive Persian army at the pass of Thermopylae. The Spartans, led by their King, Leonidas, were the front line for a small group of Greeks who blocked the mountain pass so the unwelcome Persians could not descend into Greece. It was a heroic film plus the cast, headed by Gerald Butler as Leonidas, looked the part.

Everyone of the actors that played the parts of the Spartans had these stunning rock hard abs, it seemed as if they had found the fast way to get six pack abs, but if you are anything similar to me, I put money on you found yourself thinking how they got such an amazing look!

But guess what? The key to owning those remarkable abdominal muscles that looked flexed all the time is having an animator to edit the film. Hey, I've observed images of Butler and he does not have the rock hard abs as shown in that movie, nor do the other actors . . . at the very least not the consistently flexed appearance we saw in the movie!

The actual secret on the fast way to get six pack abs lies within two words, "workout" and "diet." It's important to work your midsection properly so as to build those abdominals. Then you must diet to relieve your body of subcutaneous fat so those abs may be shown off.

For a course on the fast way to get six pack abs, we can look to valid professionals with real abdominal enhancement and disclose their secrets.

The abdominals are just one muscle group in numerous that frame your "core." The obliques and lower back are also significant parts of what compose you midsection. All of those muscle groups need to be worked and developed.

Core Workout

Sit-Ups - The jury is still out on whether or not you should ever perform full sit-ups. Some trainers maintain that these moves are crucial, however other people say all you will need are "limited" sit-ups, crunches that contract the abdominals and help develop them.

The majority of distinguished bodybuilding professionals performed a wide variety of sit-ups; flat bench, incline, decline and compound (where you twist while sitting up). They also carried out crunches to further define their abs.

o Decline Board Sit-Ups - Three sets of 50 reps, the final set being compound sit-ups.

o Crunches - Three sets of 50 reps on the decline board, the last set being compound crunches.

Leg-Raises - These tend to work the lower abdominals.

o Decline Board Leg Raises - Three sets of 50 reps maintaining legs straight for 2 and bringing the knees to the chest alternately for the third.

o Chinning Bar Leg Raises - Three sets of 20 while hanging at arm's length from your chinning-bar.

o Side-Bends with Dumbbells - These work the front and rear obliques and the small of your back. Carry out three sets of 100 for each side and then three sets at the same time as holding the dumbbell behind your leg for your rear obliques.

o Roman Chair Reverse Sit-Ups - These will work your lower back and rear obliques. Do three sets of 25 with the last set being compound, where you twist your torso as you raise to contraction.

Bodybuilder's Pre-Contest Diet program

This diet regime came from the Iron Guru, the late Vince Gironda, who was probably the best trainer of champion bodybuilders of all time. Vince claimed that "bodybuilding is 80% diet."

This diet plan should not be made use of for over a short period of time. This describes the very first round of the diet regime. Five or more cycles can be undertaken to reduce subcutaneous fat.

Days 1 through 4 - Eat as close to nil carbohydrates as humanly possible. Consume high protein foods like eggs, poultry, meat and fish.

Day 5 - Eat a balanced diet through which 25% of the calories are from protein, 40% from carbohydrates plus the remainder from fats and fibers.

Supplements: Protein powder consumed with raw milk, wheat germ oil, lipotropic amino acids (inositol, choline, betane), desiccated liver and kelp tablets.

This cycle of exercise and diet is without a doubt easiest and the fast way to get six pack abs.

A Home Exercise Program That Works