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Breaking News Story For Relieving Muscle Soreness?
Criss White
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By Criss White
Published on 01/1/2012
Breaking News Story For Relieving Muscle Soreness?It happens when you play sports too much, for too long, or perhaps not doing enough warm up stretching It happens when you lift heavy things too quickly Relieving Muscle Soreness the Lazy Man's Way - "And for anybody with Raynaud's - a problem of the circulation - it would have a devastating effect on them." She said it would also be important to ensure that the water was clean for hygiene reasons: "Some rugby clubs have a wheelie bin filled with cold water that the players will use one after the other, even if they have open cuts and injuries from the playing field." She said, generally, applying something cool on the skin to reduce pain and swelling was safe.

"It makes up part of the PRICE guidelines - Protect, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation - for managing soft tissue injury. "But it is worth remembering that some of those gel ice packs you can get go down to temperatures of minus 20 and if you go to sleep with them on you can get a rather nasty ice burn."

Is Hot or Cold Water Better For Relieving Muscle Soreness?
Breaking News Story For Relieving Muscle Soreness?It happens when you play sports too much, for too long, or perhaps not doing enough warm up stretching. It happens when you lift heavy things too quickly. It also happens when you get accidentally hit by someone else or a hard object. Sore muscles can be painful and hindering you doing your normal activities.

Even lifting certain objects or taking a bath might become difficult. To help you ease the pain or at least make you feel refreshed, here are some tips on bathing when you have sore muscles.

- A warm bath can help ease the tension in your muscles and joints. It is possible that you get instant relief from the warm temperature of the water. The heat also increases the blood flow throughout the body, which can help in the healing process.

- Take it easy when scrubbing your body. Apply only minimal pressure as it will further damage your muscles when you apply too much pressure. Some apply pressure in the hopes that the body will overcompensate and heal itself. However, excessive pressure applied directly can actually do more harm than good.

- If you are taking a warm bath, make it a quick bath. Because even if you are using warm water, the cold air is in the room and your body is exposed to it without the protection of cloth. You can easily absorb the cold, thus decreasing the effects of the warm water. Do not expose yourself too much and for too long. Immediately wrap your whole body in the towel as soon as you step out of the bath.

- Add aromatherapy scents to help you relax more. Adding drops of essential oils such as lavender or chamomile can help you feel good. The relaxation effect that they have improves blood flow, your respiratory system, and as well as let you feel better mentally and put you in a better mood.

Bathing in cold water will not aggravate your condition internally, but it is uncomfortable to most people. Cold water constricts the blood flow, thus oxygen does not flow freely. However, some experts say that a cold bath is even better for relieving sore muscles. It is like having ice packs all over your body. A cold bath can constrict the blood vessels, reduce inflammation and swelling, and numb the soreness for awhile. There are other benefits to bathing such as removing toxins from your body. Generally, bathing helps you in therapeutic ways in addition to letting you feel better and cleaner.

Some people advise that alternating the temperature between cold and hot is the best therapy for soreness. This practice is commonly used to flush toxins from your body. By alternating the temperature, you get the benefits of both a hot and cold shower.

Even the tiniest effort such as taking a bath can help in relieving your sore muscles. Along with rest and following the instructions of your physician, you can get yourself back in shape again in no time. Bathing is just one way to relieve your sore muscles, and if done correctly, you can feel more comfortable, more relaxed, and cleaner and fresher.