Simple Health Exercises -
Look and Feel Good
Kya Grace
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By Kya Grace
Published on 12/31/2011
One of the primary reasons people opt for exercising is to keep their weight in check along with a controlled diet, physical activity is essential to reduce your body weight or to maintain your ideal weight

Spring is just around thew corner so now is a perfect season to spring into action regarding your physical fitness. Throughout the wintertime, we frequently placed on a couple of pounds eating comfort food and staying away from the cold. Because the the sunshine arrives and that we shed our heavy winter jackets, everybody wants eliminate that additional weight therefore we can feel and look good within our tank tops and shorts.

A good way to get rid of a couple of pounds would be to begin a regular physical fitness program and get it done four or five occasions

How Exercise Can Make You Look and Feel Good
Treat & Prevent A Huge Variety Of Complaints, Such AsOne of the primary reasons people opt for exercising is to keep their weight in check. Along with a controlled diet, physical activity is essential to reduce your body weight or to maintain your ideal weight.

The more physically active you are the more calories you burn and the less fat you build up. Throughout the day there are various opportunities to increase your activity level, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking walks whenever you have time, doing household chores etc.

Exercise helps you to tone and build muscles. To lose the flabby look and get a great toned body, structured and intense exercise is the key. You can go for a session in the gym or get a structured exercise routine personalized to suit your body condition with the help of a personal trainer.

Losing excess weight and toning your muscles with exercise keep you looking fit, trim and healthy. Increased muscle mass increases the burning up of energy even during periods of inactivity during the day, and thus helps to fight weight gain.

Exercise has a positive effect on various health conditions. Regular exercise is an effective way to combat chronic diseases. Exercise can help you to prevent or control high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis and of course obesity. It enhances the production of HDL (high-density lipoprotein, the ‘good’ cholesterol) and reduces triglycerides. Formation of arterial plaques gets reduced. Having control over these diseases enhances your quality of life and keeps you feeling good.

Coupled with the physical benefits of exercise is the great mental conditioning it brings about. Recent research shows that exercise is a good mood booster. It activates chemicals in the brain called endorphins which reduce feelings of stress and create a sense of happiness and well-being. This leads to improved self-esteem. It leaves you feeling calmer but active, and helps to fight depression.

Regular exercise leads to increased endurance and energy levels. During exercise the heart is required to pump harder to send enough oxygen to all the muscles and tissues. Regular exercise improves the efficiency of the cardiovascular system. It becomes more efficient in delivering oxygen to the tissues. Energy supply in the body becomes more streamlined. This makes you more ready to tackle daily activities without tiredness and increases your performance, satisfaction and sense of well-being.

Exercise helps to increase your mental activity and focus. It has been shown in studies that exercise can help older people to fight Alzheimer’s and senility and to feel better about themselves.

As long as you take care not to exercise too close to bedtime, exercise helps you to get deeper sleep and also to fall asleep faster. Having good restful sleep at night helps you to wake up feeling refreshed. This keeps you looking fresh and energetic throughout the day.

By strengthening your muscles and reducing fat, exercise keeps you looking fit, trim and young. It brings long term health advantages by reducing risk factors for chronic diseases and diseases related to ageing. By increasing energy levels, blood circulation, quality of sleep and sense of well-being, exercise keeps you looking fresh and active.