Spa treatments such as sauna or steam baths has always been popular and for good reasons. Even in the past centuries, sauna and steam baths have been used to alleviate different physical and psychological symptoms and conditions.

Apart from the relaxation and rest that initially comes in every sauna session, there are a lot of significant benefits from going to the sauna. Here are some of the physical and mental health benefits of sauna use:

- The heat produced inside the sauna can open up pores and deeply cleanse your skin.

- Some recommend putting honey or scrubbing salt to stimulate the cells and improve the cleansing abilities of the sauna.

- The sweat released by your body carries toxins. Thus, every sweat session inside the sauna enables your body to release these harmful toxins.

- The heat also helps in stimulating production of white blood cells, exactly what your body needs to fight off illnesses.

- Staying inside a sauna improves your blood flow. While this is good for healthy people, this even has greater importance for people with joint pains and strained muscles. These symptoms are relieved with the improved blood flow and the heat relaxes the joints and muscles as well.

- The ambience or atmosphere that is purposely set in saunas and steam baths is meant to add to the relaxed atmosphere. Wooden walls, floored saunas, or clean white tiled steam baths help create an environment that will completely help the person relax and rejuvenate.

- This relaxed mood helps a person get a more restful sleep – perfect for those with insomnia or other sleep disorders.

- The respiratory organs are helped as well as the steam allows for better breathing and cleansing of the air passages. The heat is also a good decongestant that aids in the clearing of the passages.

Due to the heat and sweating, pregnant women and people with heart conditions are discouraged to use saunas. Note that one session of sauna is equivalent to an hour of physical exercise, which could be too much for a pregnant woman or those with heart issues.

Experts also warn about the frequent use of saunas. While it is best to do this on a regular basis, remember to visit for a maximum of 2 visits per week. Next time you visit your sauna, remember these benefits so you can appreciate your short 15 minute stay in the sauna for long lasting benefits.

For some, they enjoy going to the sauna alone for some quality alone time, but others prefer having friends around. Remember though to keep your conversations light so you can completely relax and won’t disrupt other people’s experiences. The last thing you will need is for the ambiance and relaxation to be disrupted by heavy conversations and maybe even some arguments.

Some spa facilities require a reservation before you show up while for others, you can simply walk-in. It is important to note as well if the showers and other facilities that the spa has are clean and well-maintained. As in any other health activity, cleanliness and sanitation should be a top concern. Click Here!