Healthy condition is what everybody prefers so consider the tips below and you will find out that it’s not that hard to gain healthiness.

1. Spare some fruits and vegetables in your fridge and the must-have ones should be cabbage, carrot, orange, and apple. Taking these stuffs is much beneficial for those who are on diet and also helps reduce the risk in getting colorectal cancer.

2. It is medically claimed that gargling in the morning with tea can help reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth. This is because the polyphenol compound can help prevent the growth of bacteria which is the cause of tooth decay. And regularly drinking tea after meal is great in reducing the risk of periodontal disease.

3. Try to drink as much water as you can, at least 5 glasses a day can help reduce the risk in getting colorectal cancer and bladder cancer for almost 50%.

4. Leave your bare feet touch the soft sand by walking or wandering on it. This can help you feel relaxed as it stimulates the circulation of blood.

5. Go for the light sunshine as the research indicated that women who lack or hardly face the sunshine are more prone to get breast cancer. This is because the sunshine can help synthesize vitamin D to be used in the body. But facing the strong sunlight during the day can also be harmful to skin and the body, so it is better to face the sunlight at the evening time.

6. Instead of taking cookies or chocolate cake which is high in calories, at noon you should consider whole-wheat bread as snacks. Only 2 slices of whole-wheat bread is enough to provide you energy and the important thing is that it doesn’t cause you obesity.

7. Tuna salad can help recover your memory. If you feel like you always forget things or about to forget, try to take tuna salad or any fish menu. Also do not forget to add vitamin B2 in your meal like egg, soy milk as they not only help maintain your recollection but also make you in a good mood for all day long.

8. If you don’t have much time to go exercise, you may go walking faster in the morning or after work. Or you may walk up and down the stairs for 20 minutes a day. These can help exercise your heart to be stronger and promote your slender body shape as a consequence.

9. Add some fats to your body. Though fats are not good for the body, some types, in contrast, benefit the body. The unsaturated fats from olive oil, soy bean oil, and omega 3, for example, not only energize up your body and power but also prevent cancer and heart disease. Remember to always take this kind of fats as the lack of them can affect the ability of body in absorbing vitamin A, D, E, and K and make you feel fatigued.

10. Try to clear yourself and do nothing once a week or an hour a day. Don’t think about the work, study, any tasks or people surrounding for a while and take time with yourself. This is the time when you can relax by listening to your favorite songs, reading your favorite books, taking a lukewarm shower, or sipping the tea and admiring the flowers. Absolutely you’ll feel fresh and find out your happiness easily.

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