You are impatient, you go all out the first 2 weeks then give up, you have no goals, your weekends ruin our whole week, your goals aren’t realistic. “I have always been overweight. Even in my childhood I had weight issues. I tried many ways to lose pounds. I wish it so badly, but it can never happen. I tried with fat burners, I purchased fitness equipment, and I even went to the gym. Everything ended in the same way-with no results. I tried numerous diets, I would starve, drink only shakes, or some other liquids, and sometimes I would drop in weight. However, when I stop with diets pounds would hit me back as a boomerang. I would be heavier than I was ever before.

Now, I feel really handicapped and I feel that it hampers me in social life, as well. Many people said to me to stop eating, but it is not easy at all. I would make some commitments and suddenly I would lose motivation.” Can you relate to this story….It is just one random story of a person with weight issues. If you want to find solutions you need to know the causes that lead to your lack of motivation and weight loss. Let’s see what the three main reasons of unsuccessful weight loss are:

1. Impatience- if you are one of those people, who want it now and must it have now, then your weight loss program is determined to fail. For example, your weight gaining have lasted for several years, therefore you need to be realistic. It can not happen over the night or a week. Weight loss is the process, it demands time and commitments. Keep in mind that the process starts in your head. That is the key point of you successful weight loss.

2. No goals-It is essential to set your fitness objectives. You can not make any progress if you do not know where you are heading to. Therefore, it important to put on the paper how your weight affects you. What is that what you don’t like about being overweight? Once you have made your DO NOTs, it is time to make your DOs. Then you should also mean about your health, think what too many pounds will do to your body in just a few years or even months. On the other hand, think what benefits of having normal weight are.

3. Easy giving up-if you have weight problems then you certainly know that the key to your success is well balanced diet and exercise. When people start with exercising, they commonly face with sore muscles. That’s the sign that you woke them up and that your muscles badly need your help to over come that pain. Unfortunately, many people rather give up on all exercise instead of being persistent and shape them.

Then, “weekend issue” has almost become a cliché! People work hard during the whole week, they have made many sacrifices and changes in their diets and then comes “the weekend”!!! Some people think they need to threat themselves since they behaved well during all week. Other people think it would be a shame to miss a beer or two with friends on weekends, they also think it cannot make any harm to me. However, that’s not true, one beer leads to another, one cup cake leads to new and you are back in the magical circle of unsuccessful weight loss.

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