For knights and damsels alike, the battle against the march of time has always been a fierce one. Over the years, many have tried and failed to keep Age, that great grey beast, at bay. Eventually, those lines and wrinkles become etched in, those dismal eye bags refuse to go away and the war is lost for good.

Or is it? A new age of cosmetic heroes could be the answer to our troubles. Scientists and beauty experts have been working tirelessly for generations, and we now hold a range of powerful anti-ageing weapons that could be the secret to dispatching the beast, tail between its legs, into the distance.

In no particular order, here is our pick of the bravest and the best.
Anti-wrinkle creams:

There is now a staggering spectrum of anti-wrinkle creams available, in every price range. Do they all work? And how do you choose the right one?
It is generally accepted that there are four steps to effective skin care. These are: cleansing, toning, exfoliation and moisturising. Find a product including elements to carry out all these steps, and you have won half the battle to keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Botox and injectables

‘Okay,’ you might say, ‘Creams are all very well but I think I need to take the next step’. You would be far from alone in having a think about the Botox injection. Last year, over four million Americans opted for this quick and easy anti-wrinkle treatment, which uses a naturally occurring chemical to cause muscle relaxation in the face.

Juvéderm and Sculptra are two new injectable ‘skin-fillers’, that produce almost instant results by plumping out the skin and reducing sags and wrinkles, using the compounds hyaluronic acid and collagen, both of which are produced by the body and decline with age.

Skin tightening

Often used together with microdermabrasion, skin tightening is a laser treatment that restores tautness and smoothness. It does this by stimulating the body to produce more collagen, which is the compound that keeps our skin tight and elastic in our youth. Sadly our bodies get lazy as we grow older, and sometimes need a tiny nudge to get back on their fighting feet.


Loose, drooping skin is one of the major blows dealt by age. Declining muscle strength in the face results in baggy skin around the forehead, chin and neck. One of the most effective ways of turning the clock back on this process is the simple facelift. This involves surgical tightening of the skin, which gets rid of that sag, and cleverly hides the scars at the hairline. The result is a dramatically younger-looking face.

Forty winks!

You heard it here first: your mother was right all along. Sleeping Beauty had the right idea when she took her famous catnap. Research has consistently shown that if you want to wake up to a healthier, more youthful you, getting a good amount of sleep is essential.

Combine beauty sleep, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle with your pick of these top anti-ageing options, and you might just have stumbled upon the Holy Grail.

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