It is a not often realized fact that weight loss is not about just altering your body – it’s also about shifting your brain. It is impracticable to lose weight until you are not psychologically ready to do so.

So here’s the question - are YOU ready to make the transformation?

Varying your state of mind is an act that’s absolutely easier said than done. Reconciling yourself to the fact that you can have no more midnight munchies, no more sodas, is difficult. There will be no more coming home and sitting in front of the TV for hours. This can be a tricky change after an outlook has been ingrained for so long. Boston personal trainer Callie Durbrow can help you climb out of the gulf with a few mind changing ideas.

Find alternatives that you think are fun – Find a class or an activity that you really enjoy. One hot new fitness trend is Zumba. The hour-long class is a combination of world music and latin-based dance moves that combine into interval training-style cardio workouts. The music is fun, you’ll learn new moves, and it’s a great way to meet new people.

Bring a friend – Finding a friend and starting your new lifestyle together is a great way to stay accountable. Also, hiring a Boston personal trainer such as Callie Durbrow can be a great way to kick-start things. Callie’s studio does group training, so you can meet a new group of friends or bring a group.

Take a break – Make sure you get enough sleep and enough water. Making sure your body is well taken care of will really help when you’re in that last 15 minutes of cardio! Plus, you’ll feel better, calmer, and more in control, not to mention more attractive!

Think of how you’ll feel when you’ve achieved your goal – as the old adage says, begin with the end in mind. Every time you pick up a donut, decide not to go to the gym, think about how good you will feel when you’ve met your goals. Does that feeling feel better than eating bad foods? Probably not. This is all part of taking your life by the reigns and making it your own. Don’t allow an lifeless object like food to control you. You can control it! Eat to live, don’t live to eat. If you follow this mantra, things will be a bit easier.

Get help – Last but certainly not least, seek assistance when you need it. Getting your life back is hard to do cold turkey. Take an exercise class, or, if you’re able, sign up with a personal trainer or nutritionist. These vital people can re-teach you how to think about how you work out, what you eat, and why you do the things you do. Listen to what the say and then implement it in your life. You can do this!

Find food alternatives – Are you contemplative about how much you’ll miss that favorite food? Find a delicious option to your favorites. Instead of a big cheeseburger with fries, try a turkey burger with low-fat cheese on a slice of whole grain bread and grilled sweet potatoes. Yum! Instead of ice cream, try sherbet. There are tons of great alternatives to “bad” food.

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