Colon cleansing or colon therapy is basically detoxifying the colon to remove the toxins and the wastes that have accumulated in your colon. This is important because your colon performs some important functions that are directly related to your well being.

Studies have shown that colon cleanse can save you from a host of diseases. And researchers have found a link between colon cleansing and colon cancer. A clean colon reduces the risk of colon cancer. With everyone becoming aware of the importance of colon cleansing, several colon cleansing products have been made available in the market. You can also opt for colon hydrotherapy if you want to. However if you are not very comfortable with the hydrotherapy and don't trust the commercial products much then you can actually opt for home remedies.

For the best colon cleanse at home you just need to opt for the right food. The right food will clear your colon of the debris and the toxins and help you to get back in shape. It has been seen that for the best treatment at home plant based diet works really well. Want to know what you should eat to keep your colon clean? Read on.

1. Fiber

If you want the best then you must add fiber in your diet chart. Fiber, the non digestible part of the food is of extreme importance if you want a thorough colon cleanse. A diet high in fiber will improve the health of your digestive system by removing the toxins from your colon. Fiber also plays the very important role of holding moisture in the colon thereby softening the stool. This provides relief from constipation. It is important to have both soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet.

2. Green Food

Green foods are a must. The high content of chlorophyll in the green foods makes them your best bet. The green foods not only flush out the wastes and the toxic stuffs from your colon but also heal and soothe the tissues of the damaged digestive tracts. For the balance of the body friendly bacteria is of extreme importance. Kefir, yoghurt and other fermented food can provide you with the essential friendly bacteria. These bacteria provide the fatty acids that give energy to the cells that line your colon.

3. Water

Water is of extreme importance for colon cleanse at home. If you drink less water then there will be toxicity in the bowel and you may well have constipation. Water plays the important role of flushing the toxins out of your colon thereby cleansing it. Water also nourishes your colon. This is the reason why water is integral to every cleanse therapy. You can drink pure water, diluted fruit juices and herbal tea.

Gradually people are realizing the importance of keeping their colon clean. Keeping the colon clean is important as the health of the colon is integrally linked to your overall health. Once you colon is freed from the chemical wastes it will be able to perform at its optimum level and you will remain fit as a fiddle.