Broadly what fits into the major definition of cardio exercises are; walking, running, cycling and other cardio activities. These may be low intensity work out like walking or a high intensity work out like running. To choose between the two wisely needs some informative decision making. Where do you burn the most fat is a question you need to ask yourself

Earlier studies revealed that the body burns glycogen, a form of energy stored in it and low intensity exercises burns body fat. This caused a major shift in perspective, with many people opting for low intensity work outs. It really does not seem to work so well for we still have problems of overweight.

It is true that your body burns more fat during a low intensity work out. However it is when you do high intensity workout that you burn more calories, including some as glycogen. We burn more fat calories only during high intensity work outs. The loss of glycogen is after all negligible. Besides, when the body is low on glycogen the calories you eat are converted to glycogen to fill up the gap. This means lesser body fat.

With a high intensity work out your body continues to burn fat even long after you finish your work out and your body burns more calories.

Alternating between high and low intensity exercises gives you almost the same effects as a high intensity exercise. Doing this for a fortnight will produce wonderful results in losing fat.

Incorporating your Diet into your exercise sessions:

Does the smell and taste of food makes you eat more than you need to? Do you have difficulty sticking to your diet? Now you know where you are – in the control of your craving for food. Would YOU like to gain control on Food Cravings, instead. Here is help for you.

We are all susceptible to food craving at times, irrespective of our diet discipline and health consciousness. For someone who is working on fat loss, controlling these cravings is more crucial than for someone who is just looking at maintaining their weight. Regardless of your goal, these cravings build up higher caloric value on anyone who is a victim to it.

Many of us are well informed on the importance of exercise and choosing the right low –fat diet. Our hectic lifestyles sometimes keeps us away from practicing what we already know is crucial to good health. The best way to stay fit in a fast paced life is to control your craving for food. Plan ahead and adopt some techniques and you will be successful at doing this.

Sometimes your body tends to send wrong signals to the brain. You may feel hungry when actually the body is thirsty. Drinking plenty of water during the day helps to avoid overeating due to such mixed up signals. By making it a point to drink water at regular intervals, you help the body feel better, hydrated and successfully eliminate a key cause for food cravings.

Go natural and organic. Replace fruits with high calorie cakes. Eat fresh vegetable salads instead of snacks. Remember never to go to your next party on an empty stomach. You tend to eat more and eat high calorie foods. A short eat, natural as discussed above, will help.

Cutting out totally on a favorite food or snack might lead to over indulgence. Eating them less frequently is a better way to keeping in control of your cravings for them.

Learn to distinguish between fat-free and less calorie food. A fat-free food need not always mean calorie free. Always stay conscious of the calorific value of these foods and check them before consumption.

Make a small poster of these tips and paste them on your refrigerator. Remember to adopt these techniques discussed here to have your food craving under your control rather than this being the other way round. Turn around, control your craving. Until I meet you in yet another session on fat loss, here is wishing you. Happy eating for a healthy living

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