Having a great workout doesn’t necessarily mean shelling out big bucks to buy expensive equipment or a gym membership. You can plan a really effective workout with practically no equipment at all, right at home, with these exercises. Always take care to warm up properly before any workout. Bring your heart rate up and do some stretches. Once you are through with your routine, take the time to cool down. These two simple steps go a long way in preventing injuries. A personal trainer can advice you on proper warm up and cool down routines.

Overhead Squat - This is a good warm up exercise. It is also a good strengthening exercise when done with heavier weights. Do not go in for heavy weights when you start this exercise. You can do this with a broomstick to start with. Hold the broomstick overhead, hands apart. Point elbows outwards. Move shoulder blades towards each other. Tighten abdominal muscles. Squat down as far as possible, keeping shoulders back and weight over heels. Rise up, pushing through heels. This exercise works the whole body and strengthens the body through a wide range of motion.

One-Leg Squat - This strengthens the thigh muscles, calves and butt. Stand with feet hip-width apart. Bring left foot forward and right foot backward, trunk upright, hands at sides. Bring most of the body weight to the left heel. Place the right toes on a block or step about six inches high. Bend the left leg and bring the body down. Aim for a ninety degree angle between lower leg and thigh. Rise back to starting position. Repeat ten to twelve times. Change leg positions and repeat.

Chair Dips - This exercise works the shoulders, chest and triceps. Place two sturdy chairs with their backs towards each other. Stand in between the chairs with hands on top of the chairs. Push on the chairs with the arms and bring the arms up straight. Bend the knees and tuck the feet behind you. Lower your body towards the ground slowly. The upper arms should become parallel to the ground. Bring the body up to starting position again.

Superman exercise - This exercise works the lower back. Lie straight on floor, face down, arms extended straight in front, legs straight. Lift arms and legs upwards together. Hold to a count of thirty. Lower arms and legs to the ground. Take care to breathe steadily throughout.

Alternating Superman exercise -
The starting position is as for the superman exercise. Raise the right arm and left leg together, five to six inches off the ground. Hold. Bring them back to the ground. Repeat with left arm and right leg. This exercise strengthens the core muscles.

Push ups, pull ups and their variations are other body weight exercises you can include in your routine. Step ups can be done using a chair or high step. Running up stairs is good for toning the body and is a good cardio workout. As you progress, you can add more resistance by carrying a backpack loaded with books or filled water bottles. - You see you can build a powerful routine around these exercises to get a full body workout at no expense.
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