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Kya Grace
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By Kya Grace
Published on 08/21/2016
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What is Cardiorespiratory Fitness
The fitness cycle designed by your personal trainer encompasses the cardirespiratory fitness levels since your overall well-being hinges on the performance of your heart and respiratory systems. Aerobic exercises like running, jogging, swimming and rowing increase the efficiency of the heart in pumping more blood to all parts of the body. The oxygen that is transported in the blood thereby reaches out to all parts of the body sufficiently.

Benefits of oxygen in the blood
The oxygen that reaches out to various parts of the body helps the various muscles in generating the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) energy. Additionally when the muscles absorb the available oxygen, they simultaneously release the unwanted carbon dioxide present in the muscle. In the reverse flow of blood to the heart with carbon dioxide, the carbon dioxide is directed to the lungs from where it is released back to the atmosphere. Thus oxygen plays a pivotal role in maintaining the muscles healthy.

Advantages of cardiorespiratory exercises
The cardiorespiratory fitness programs strengthen your heart and lungs and set-off a cascading effect on your overall health. You are able to enhance your stamina and endurance that enables you to effectively carry-out all your day-to-day activities. The cardiorespiratory fitness decreases the probability of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and other ailments like stroke.

Types of cardiorespiratory exercises
Fine balance of aerobic and anaerobic exercises is required to successfully achieve cardiorespiratory fitness levels. While the aerobic exercises help the heart to pump out more oxygen with the blood, anaerobic exercises help strengthen the muscles. Here the aerobic exercises are classified in three groups based on their intensity levels. The first level includes simple exercises like walking and jogging and the second level includes running and swimming. The final level that is more arduous includes physical sports like basketball and volleyball.

Optimum levels for cardiorespiratory fitness
Since any exercise is beneficial only if performed regularly and with intensity, you may consult your personal trainer regarding the optimum length of time to spend on the exercises. You may also chalk out your weekly exercise regimen with him taking all factors like your fitness, skills and ability to spare time for exercises. This helps you to stretch your abilities to the maximum and benefit in strengthening your heart and the muscles.

Recommended intensity of cardiorespiratory exercises
To start with the intensity of the cardiorespiratory fitness exercises could be just above 50% of the maximum heart rate. And the duration of the exercises could be about 10-20 minutes to start with. Both the duration and intensity could be gradually increased as you improve your skills and strengths. By increasing the intensity of the exercises, you increase the endurance levels which in turn strengthen your muscles.

A combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises ensures that you are able to inhale healthy air and ward off the threats of degeneration of muscles which harms your overall health. Thus cardiorespiratory fitness programs are recommended to everyone, irrespective of his age and physical state. Those who are not fully fit are advised to take up at least the first level of cardiorespiratory exercises like walking, to stay fit.

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