Almost everyone in self help world agree that meditation does the body and mind wonders. By meditating you are seeking a path where you calm your mind, rejuvenate the body and bring alive your senses. It is a stress buster. There are many other benefits to meditating such as:

1. Decreases muscle tension
2. Clears the mind
3. Lowers blood pressure
4. Boost the immune system
5. Enhances creativity
6. Increases your energy level
7. Slows down the aging process

There are many other benefits that meditation can bring into your life. So it is no surprise that many self help gurus are firm advocates of meditation. But do you have the time to meditate?

The image that the man on the street has about meditation is that of a Buddhist monk in yellow robe sitting in a in some cave with eyes closed. Nothing can be further than the truth.

Meditation is an art of calming the mind. Although widely practiced by Buddhist monks , it is not a religious experience. There is no passage of rites or some mantras that you must mumble. It can be practiced by anyone at anytime anywhere.

Here are some tips you can use to meditate anywhere, be it in a subway or in your kitchen.

First, find a spot that you can call your own. If you are in a crowded place, such as a train, this place is the one you are occupying. If you have the luxury of solitude, all the better. Once you have found a spot to call your own, try to be as comfortable as possible.

Slowly count from 50 to 1. Yes, do it backwards. This will help you to focus and keep your mind from wandering off and helps in cutting down distractions caused by noises around you.

Now concentrate on your breathing. Inhale slowly counting from 1 to 6, hold your breath for 6 counts and then exhale in 6 counts.

If you find your mind wandering off, don’t fight it. Acknowledge it and then go back to focusing on your breath. Imagine you are in a calm soothing place.

Slowly bring your mind to the images that had stressed you today. Let it flow out of system while you exhale. Do not bring more than one image to your mind at a time. Once you have let the first negative image out your mind, you can bring another negative image that you encounter. Repeat the same process.

You can continue until you feel calmness in you or you can stop after one or two images and continue at a later time.

There are also meditation CDs that you can use to aid in meditation. Meditation CDs makes use of brainwave entrainment technology to influence your brainwaves and bring it from beta to theta level. Beta level is where your mind is active and theta where the mind is in a subconscious level.

Meditation is an art of calming the mind and centering yourself. If you practice it frequently, you will feel more vitality and calmness inside of you. And if your follow the tips above, you can do it anywhere. Subsines Empowering individuals to attain inner peace for the creation of a balanced global consciousness.

Subsines Empowering individuals to attain inner peace for the creation of a balanced global consciousness.