The purpose of balance exercises are that they help you to strengthen the core muscles, much in the same way as the strength training exercises do. The advantage in balance exercises is that simultaneously you can work on different muscles to strengthen them. Studies favorably point out to the benefits of balance training on your knees. Hence they are considered particularly useful for sports persons, for those rehabilitating and for the old. The balance exercises are done both with and without any equipment.

Benefits of balance exercises Primarily the balance exercises improve your posture and help in avoiding injuries, in addition to strengthening the core muscles. As a result of working on the balance exercises your ability to recover from injuries is quicker than normal. Further you tend to retain your balance even in your old age, by regularly performing the balancing exercises.

Levels of balance training Levels of training in balancing depend upon your proficiency, age and skills. Using just a chair or table that is available at home and office for support, you could start your basic balancing exercises. You could improve your balance by resorting to modifications in the exercises, with passage of time. From holding on to your support firmly to begin with, you could hold the support with one hand and later use just a finger for support to arrive at the maximum balance during the exercises.

Exercise balls for support Exercise balls have caught the imagination of the fitness gurus and the fitness enthusiasts for the flexibility and entertainment it offers while you perform various balancing exercises with it. These exercise balls are a popular draw at fitness centers and various boot camp exercises are performed using the exercise balls. The auto-response of the body to the instability caused by the foam balls activates different muscles at the same time. This action when repeated over a period helps in strengthening the various core muscles.

Balance exercises without equipments Balance training without equipment includes the extension of opposite legs and arms alternatively, standing on one-foot, walking heel-to-toe, one-legged squats and hover step-up. In each of these exercises you could introduce modifications as you progress in your skin levels. For example while standing on one leg, you may close your eyes and lunge forward and side-ward to improve your balance and co-ordination.

The three most popular balance exercises The advantages of balance training and the simplicity of the exercises prompt men and women of all ages to take up to these exercises, now. And though there are several balance exercises that are practiced with élan, following are the top three balance exercises on popularity and efficiency.
  • One legged stance
  • Exercise ball
  • Balancing with table/chair
Other popular balance exercises Other than the exercise balls, the balance boards are used as balancing equipment for exercising. Balancing on the wobble board you could circle clockwise and anticlockwise to display your balancing prowess and gain physical strength. One-leg dead lift exercise requires you to stand on one leg and squat as low as possible before regaining the original position. or better effect this exercise is performed with moderate weights in the hand.

Multi-directional balance exercise involves hopping in different directions and retaining poise. For improved results you may try to hop longer distances. It is however important to remember, that like any other exercise balance training too has to be undertaken with zeal almost on an everyday basis for the exercises to have a sustained positive effect on you.