Spending those lazy afternoons in the couch just watching television and simultaneously eating popcorn while drinking a soda? Wow, the life of the couch potato is going to be the end of you. Yes, doing that all the afternoons of your life will just get you out of shape! Do some exercises instead, bend and stretch those muscles before you turn or transform in to a blob monster we just get a look at when watching x-men on television. Ever heard of "Weird Al" Yankovic’s song entitled couch potato? Well, you might just be the one he’s talking about so just stand up and do some quality recreation and sports for your own good.

Get Yourself In ShapeExercise can be the most rewarding recreational activity there is, health is more important than wealth, yes, that is very true. Having a scheduled routine of exercising at least 4 hours a week can make your body turn from malnourished to alive and pumping in the next few weeks. Exercising improves circulation of the blood in your body; taking out all probable risks of high blood pressure and could even prevent baldness as they say. Not only will exercise make you healthy, it will also give you the body build-up you would always want to have. But of course you know this; those push-ups, curl-ups, jogging, and even jumping jacks can put your body in figure. If you want to be healthy, physically fit, physically competitive, and proud of your self, then invest your free afternoons on exercise and all this will just come running after you.

Another way to get in shape is to have an active sport in your daily or even just weekly schedules. It wouldn’t hurt to have a game of basketball or badminton in the weekends, would it? All you have to do is have fun with your friends while playing the sport and you are already giving your self the recreation it needs. Don’t worry about not getting good at the sport at the beginning, of course you’ll start out at the bottom where else would it be? Not unless you are gifted then maybe you are an exception; but the point is, it is absolutely okay to be a noob at the start, all of the players will understand you, trust me. So try out your new sport right now, and find out all the fun you have been missing all this time just being a couch potato.

Choosing your sport will depend mainly on you, if you would prefer the less tiring but would still have the same atmosphere of competition, then you should try golf. I myself am enjoying those golf tournaments I have with my boss every once in while, it can surely be a fun sport too, and not at all that easy to play than what we could see on television I have to say, and my boss have these exquisite golf cart accessories I just like.

There you have it; exercise will keep you in shape but having a sport will get you in shape while you are having fun. Whichever you prefer, you are investing on quality recreation. Much better than just sitting around getting fat. Now, you can have body fitness and fun in one package. Click On The Link Below
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