What is obesity… really? As defined by the National Institute of Health a person is obese if their BMI is 30 or above. That means that a BMI of 30 is about 30lbs over weight. And over weight is the major cause of several serious illnesses like Type 2 Diabetes, Stroke and Heart Attack. But to have belly fat or a big waist increases the death risk even more according to a more recent study.

In one of the largest studies to be conducted to determine the effects of a large waistline, it has been found that regardless of your weight a big belly can be deadly for older adults. “This study suggests that men and women with the biggest waistlines have twice the risk of dying over a decade compared to those with the smallest tummies.”
There is no magic solution to this problem, but the urgency is certainly there. Steps must be taken to reduce the size of the waist, even if one is not over weight.

The questions remain though, “How do I actually do this?” And maybe more importantly, “Why did I actually get this way?”
Unfortunately, the biggest culprits are genetics and lifestyle. Take a look at your relatives. What is the prevailing body shape? But that doesn’t change anything we still have to work with what we’ve got.

And now that we know that we have to address this problem, the next step is to actually try to find out how we should address it. As mentioned before, there is no magic solution. The job is a tough one, but with persistence and a change of lifestyle, the battle can be won. First a commitment must be made to become involved in an exercise and fat burning, fat loss program. If the motivation is not there, then take the time and money to invest in an exercise program at a gym and get motivated by going to the gym and sticking to it. Your assigned trainer will help you with an exercise routine for your whole body. Abdominal exercises are only one part of the routine. But the abs, which are the hardest muscles to bring into line, will require extra work. So keep working at it, and be patient

At the same time, get involved in a walking program or aerobic program. Again let your trainer assist you with this or do the research yourself. You can use machines at the gym, or just walk your dog, jog outside your home, or whatever you choose, but get moving! Again, stick to it.

And of course you will need to change your eating habits to burn fat and lose weight. Get on a fat burning diet of low fats, high protein and high complex carbohydrates. Eat six small meals a day instead of three large meals. Drink plenty of water and eliminate all sugary drinks, including juices and sodas.

This article is too short to give you the full details of this type of program, so begin a research program of your own. Learn how to lose weight and build muscle through the fat burning method so that you can turn your body into a fat burning machine and you will soon be burning extra calories and fat even when you are sleeping. You will be able to change your metabolism so that your RMR (resting metabolic rate) is much higher and you will actually be able to eat more nourishing food without gaining weight. Having to lose weight will become a distant memory and your new body and higher self esteem coupled with your new lifestyle will carry you well into old age with a healthier body and more energy than you could ever imagine. Now Then - How to Lose Belly Fat Click Here!