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The core is the buzz word/topic in fitness right now, and deservedly so. If you have a weak core you've got a real problem. Hours spent at the desk, hunched over a keyboard, have just about ensuredwe've got a weak core that is full of muscles that are either unexploited, or over worked. Making matters worse, many people are still going to the gym and training often their surface muscles with traditional exercises. It is one thing to have a body with relatively weak core muscles and relativweak surface muscles. But to have a body with relatively weak core muscles, but relatively strong surface muscles, is asking for trouble. Think about it. Core Facts

You have been coaching your surface muscles for a bit, and you start to fegood. No problem there. But if you haven't increased the strength of your core to match the increase in the power of your surface muscles, what's going to happen? One day, you benddown to pick up a heavy object ( perhaps one that you wouldn't have been in a position to lift before you began coaching ), and although your surface muscles can cope, your core can't, and injury is the result. Having come to this realization we, as abusiness, are now changing the way we look at, and how we write and administer ourtraining programmes. Many of us now realise the significance of a{ powerful| strong| robust core for our clients, and are programming new exercises appropriately. coreappliances Added to this problem, is the explosion of new apparatuswhich has flooded the industry, all targeted at improving core strength. Most of these depend on using an unstable platform to supply the mechanism for improving core strength. Standing or exercising on the unstable platform forces the core muscles to react, in a scheme to provide stabilisation.

Recent research saw the emergence of vibrational treatments as a technique of skyrocketing core strength. NASA has been using micro-vibrationacoaching on their astronauts to help maintain muscle mass and bone density while in micro gravity conditions. Talk to a German Physiotherapist , however , and they're going to tell you they've been using vibrational cures for the last 20 years. After some original studies into tconsequences of vibrations on the body were done nearly 40 yearago,German Physiotherapists started to use a device called the Propriomed asrehabilitation tool. They knew that applying an external vibrational force to the body ( in the form of a flexible bar that a person would shake ) created a potential destabilising effect for the spine. Asresult, the deep muscles of the spine react, consistently adjusting themselves in a plan to keep the spine in alignment. So, by shaking the bar, the deep voluntary and involuntary muscles of the back are compelled to work. By using the Propriomed ( a flexible bar with adjustable weights that let the frequency of vibration to be changed ), Physiotherapists managed to target coaching with flexi-bar the largest change in the fitness industry over the previous few years is the emergence of the importance of the core as we have come trealise that it is at the center of everything we do report : steve schiemer and rebecca little f i t p r o17 mse these deep muscles effectively, improving blood and oxygen supply to the area, and waste removal, all of the while skyrocketing the strength and reaction times of these muscles. The Flexi-Bar What's It All About?

The Flexi-bar is a commercially available version of the Propriomed which has been developed by a German Physio who had been using the Propriomed for fifteen years, the wonderful thing about the Flexi-bar is the indisputable fact that regardless of what you are doing, if the bar is shaking, than the core muscles are switched on the full length of the backbone. To get the bar shaking, and keep it shaking, the core muscles ( like the cross abdominus, internal obliques, multifidus, interspinalis, and the erector spinae group ) are activated. They remain {activated|turned onuntil the bar stops shaking. This is the 1st level of use for the Flexi-bar. So, whether you are p{rivate|ersonalcoaching or taking a group fitness class, this should be your starting point. One thing tobear in mind is that not everybody can get it immediately. If you have an old injury, this may affect how well you can shake the bar. Similarly, if your fine motor skills aren't quite up to scratch, then you may also have early problems. With time, these fine motorskills will improve, speeding up your reaction times in these muscles.

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