We have all heard the old mantra that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, however if you are not careful about what you choose to eat it can be very high in calories. If you are looking after your weight then a traditional British fry-up of eggs, sausage, bacon and toast is going to contain more calories than you can handle. If you are the sort of person who is easily tempted by this type of early morning feast then you could do with some sensible ideas for a calorie controlled breakfast that will not only taste good, but help to satisfy you first thing in the morning.

Yoghurt is a surprisingly versatile food and is an excellent option if you are looking to control your weight, provided you buy a sugar free or low far version. Most yoghurts you will find on the supermarket shelf are crammed full with saturated fat and sugar so they will do your waistline no faviurs whatsoever. By keeping to plain, low fat yoghurts you will be able to significantly reduce your calorie intake in the morning. This may sound like something of a boring option, however if you add some fresh fruit, sugar-free maple syrup or sugar-free jellies then this will liven it up a little. By taking this as your breakfast option you will get a healthy dosage of protein and calcium without all the calories. A pleasant alternative would be to stir in a small amount of low calorie bran cereal into your yoghurt instead of eating cereal with milk.

A fried egg is undoubtedly an unhealthy option when it comes to breakfast, however this is not to say that you should abolish them from the menu entirely! Egg whites are extremely healthy, very low in calories, high in protein and contain no fat. With these you may wish to prepare scrambled eggs seasoned with herbs and spices, or perhaps you may prefer an egg white omelette with a load of fresh vegetables. Interesting variations would be to to add low fat cheese or some spicy Mexican salsa. Be as creative as you like, just keep the additional ingredients low in calories.

Some people find it difficult to have breakfast in the morning as they are so busy. If you are one of these people then perhaps you should grab one of the many low calorie protein bars that are available in the shops. Alternatively you could make your own cereal bars ysing some low calorie cereal. It's easy to snack on these sort of things when you're on the way to the office.

Another popular option is oatmeal. Although it may not exactly be low in calories, it is very filling so you wont need to eat very much of it to feel full up in the morning. Again, this can be livened up with the addition of fresh fruit or calorie free sweetener.

So you see there are plenty of options when it comes to diet friendly breakfast. If anything it's surprising at how creative you can be!