Have you ever experienced the discomfort of a kidney stone? The intense pain in the lower back and burning urine are strong indicators of your kidney problems. Kidney stones are really one of the most common health issues known today. in fact, you might have a kidney stone and not even know it! This article will show you how to properly get rid of kidney stones in 5 simple steps.

1) Consult your doctor for symptoms.

The first and most important thing you can possibly do is consult a licensed medical physician. Many people will simply go to their family doctor and ask for a basic physical exam. During this exam, the doctor will test your blood and it will give them vital information on your kidneys and other organs in your body. One big issue which will be looked at is whether or not you have blood in the urine or even pain in the back that will not subside. After this they may schedule you for an x-ray to see what is really going on inside.

2) Drink plenty of fresh distilled water.

One of the best ways to fight and help flush stubborn stones is to keep yourself properly hydrated. Keep in mind that your kidneys are responsible for keeping your blood clean and removing toxins. Think of them as two large filtration tanks in your body. Fresh distilled water is the best to drink during this time for its ability to combat toxins in your blood. Instead of regular water which contains pharmaceutical and lawn runoff as well as fluoride and chlorine, distilled water is just dihydrogen oxide. This is the way water is supposed to be in nature. Try not to overdo this step because you can actually do more harm than good.

3) Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables.

A big concern in today is that people are not eating enough raw foods. This simply means fully grown organic foods without preservatives. The fruits and vegetable ingested have the ability to strengthen the person’s immune system and help their body to rid kidney stones. Another tip is to eat more foods related to cranberries. These can include limes, lemon, and grapes. The substance known as berberine is one which aids the kidneys to fight off the stones and replenish health. Another type of food to ingest in its raw form is beets or beet leaves. You can also boil beets in hot water, cool the water off, and drink it in order to shrink larger kidney stones enough for passage.

4) Eliminate and avoid unhealthy foods as much as possible.

By now it should be basic knowledge that when your body is in trouble it needs to stay healthy to repair itself. The last thing you want to do is gorge yourself on fast foods, donuts, burgers, fries, and pizza. These can seriously inhibit your body’s ability to fight the current kidney stones and even prevent the formation of others in the future. Almost anyone can understand the pleasure from eating high fatty unhealthy foods, but it can and will make your situation even worse.

5) Get plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Once you put the previous steps to good use, you will need to get plenty of fresh air and light exercise. Again, your body needs to stay healthy during this time so it can deal with your stone problem. Fresh distilled water with jogging, swimming or even a light run will work wonders. This is not just for the kidney stone issue, but your overall health as well. Remember that it is important to pace yourself and keep a clear mind. Altogether, kidney stones can be easily detected and dealt with. What you need to do is keep your mind in the right mental state and try to follow these 5 simple steps. There is a good chance that you are not the only one dealing with this problem.

Good luck and stay healthy?

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