Infection, Theory and Fact

Most of us, me too, have been brought up to believe that most illnesses are
caused by invading parasites, usually bacteria and viruses. We have been
taught that certain types of contact with a person hosting such a bacterium or
virus will result in the parasite being transferred to us and ourselves
becoming ill in the specified manner. It even sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, there is not the slightest shred of evidence to support this
theory. In point of fact, all available evidence shows that this simply is not

To begin, let us first consider the term "epidemic"; what does this actually
mean? Well, dependent upon the "rules" of your local health authority, it
means that between 1% and 4% of those people coming into contact with a
specific "ill-making germ" do, in fact, become ill.

This means that 96% to 99% of those who receive the "dangerous germ" are
completely unaffected by it.

This first step blows a rather large hole in the medical theory of infection,
doesn't it?

I have actually posed the question as to why almost everyone is unaffected to
several "doctors of medicine". Most have refused absolutely to offer any sort
of answer, claiming that it is beneath their professional dignity to consider
such a question. Now, profession or to profess means to teach; are they,
therefore, saying that the answer is forbidden knowledge? The odd one or
two who do offer an answer do so with a claim for which there is even less
supporting evidence:

"The large-scale immunity is genetic in origin. We haven't, as yet, found any
evidence to support this theory but, as it's the only thing that we can think of, it must
be true."

This is science?

A little logical thought will show you that humankind is naturally immune to
all and any parasitic invasions. The reasoning is simple: Mankind has been
upon this planet considerably longer (by some millions of years) than has
medical theory. In all this time, mankind has not once died out as would have
been the case were this natural immunity not present. To the contrary,
mankind has spread across the entire planet and daily continues to increase in

In his DVD, "Mind over Genes", Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD "thickens the plot"
even further. Apparently, most of us carry about with us all our lives most of
the bacteria and viruses associated with all illnesses but nothing happens until
"something" "switches them on". What, exactly, switches them on is becoming
daily clearer as more and more research (see both Prof. Lipton's works as well
as "The Field" by Lynn McTaggart) shows that the ancient knowledge of
healers is, in fact, the true explanation of health and dis-ease and why
pharmaceutical medicine is both inaccurate and unscientific.

If we dig into history a little we find that widespread dis-eases are linked not
to a specific germ (other than co-incidentally) but to environmental factors.
Diphtheria was endemic until action was taken to clean the air in our cities
after which it completely disappeared. Cholera and typhus are now believed
to be tropical diseases but were widespread in Europe and N. America until
sewage systems and fresh water supplies were built.

There are a very wide number of other factors which need be taken into
consideration when assessing the risk of epidemics. In each and every case,
the presence of a virus or bacterium connected to the expression of the disease
is purely co-incidental and occurs AFTER the causational problem has
been present for some time.

Why is this so?

Each and every one of the bacteria, viruses and fungi upon this planet has one
and only one purpose and that is to recycle used organic matter. Long before
the microscope and medical theory were invented it was well known that
dead bodies can easily become sources of illness to those close to them which
is why they are always quickly disposed of by deep burial, by fire, by feeding
to vultures etc. to get them quickly away from healthy people.

Now we know that the bacteria which are always present but are always held
in check by a healthy body grow at a very rapid rate after death so as to break
down the proteins etc. into simpler substances which can be re-absorbed into
the soil structure and used for fresh plant growth. That is what those bacteria
and viruses are there for; to recycle that which is already damaged or dead.
They cannot spread in a healthy system for reasons which we will see later.

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