Every fitness conscious person wants to cut down the calorie intake and bring or retain that perfect body shape. But the question is: How to do it? Most of us are aware of the fact that every 3500 calories we intake adds a pound to your mass. Here are few tips which can help you lose weight at a pound a week. You need to carry out these to even maintain your form as we usually consume more calories than we spend each day.

1. Replace

Replace all or at least most of your high caloric products with low caloric products. For instance consider replacing regular milk with non-fat milk which can cut a lot of calories without effort. Try out replacing all your foods and you would be amazed to find out that most of our regular food products have a similar low caloric edition.

Couple of other easy replacements are light cream cheese, light butter and so on. Replace your cooking oil or butter used on the frying pan with butter flavoured non stick spray which has negligible calorie count when compared to butter/oil.

2. Reduce

Try reducing the quantity of food intake. If you are a person who cannot leave the table with a half-empty stomach, consider opting for food that is low in caloric value so that you could comfortably fill your tummy yet can keep your caloric count low.

Another idea to reduce quantity is to have a sip of water before you start your meal. This will leave you with a smaller appetite.

3. Leave Behind

A very practical approach to cut calories is to leave some food on the plate rather than cleaning the plate. It is not a must that you have to complete everything on your plate. By doing this you could very well restrict a few hundred calories entering your body. The same principle applies to cakes and other desserts at parties as they contain high calories.

Avoiding unnecessary calories is better than consuming them and then later trying to burn them up.

4. Work out

Aim sweating 500 calories per day as this is considered as the optimum weight loss strategy by most of the fitness experts. So by this you would be losing 3500 calories (1 pound) a week. Consulting a personal trainer could be a great idea to find out ways to burn those 500 calories each day.

Indulging in an hour of physical activity like jogging, walking, swimming or cycling can burn 500 calories easily. But it becomes very difficult to do any of them in winter. There are very brilliant back up plans available for those snowy days too. You can shovel out the snow in your drive way and easily burn up the 500 calories. If you want to do something different, opt for dancing. Dancing for an hour can give you the same results. Want something out of the box? Here is it. Go on a four hour shopping spree and you could bring about the same effect.

5. Making Choices - Click On This eBook To Find Out How?

The Weight Loss Diet eBook The Original Negative Calorie Foods eBookMaking proper choices can have a great impact on cutting calories. Choose a smaller plate instead of a bigger one as we tend to eat large quantities in a larger plate. The next thing is to check out what you shop. Choose small packets of chips or fried snack rather than a larger pack, as we tend to empty the pack in a single sitting.

While choosing processed food, opt for fish/meat in water rather than in oil. And at the restaurant prefer steamed food and avoid fried stuff as they make a huge difference in their caloric count.

Choose your own methodology to burn those extra calories and bring about that change you had always wanted. Anything could be achievable with proper planning, commitment, and execution. So start sweating out those extra pounds by cutting down your calories.