The Triggers of Panic and Anxiety Disorder - 5 Factors You Need to Know to Stop Your Panic Attack
By Tessa Jaylin

Panic and anxiety disorders are quite prevalent now amongst the young, elderly and children as well. This is one such complication which is being reported every other day and people are seeing doctors regularly to get treated. Though treatments are available, but doctors as well as sufferers often fail to understand the root cause of the attack that they experience. Some people can experience anxiety and panic disorders out of the blue while others might have some associated and relevant cause behind it. However, every complication has a cause and these disorders also have one.

Some of the common causes of anxiety and panic disorder that have been identified by doctors are noted below:

1. Hereditary Factors

Studies have proved that the symptoms of anxiety and panic disorder are usually inherited; it can either be carried over from the mother to the child genetically. The disorder can also be inherited from ancestors of either the maternal or the paternal side.

Twins are more prone to the development of panic disorders; if one of the twins has the problem the other is likely to have one.

The symptoms of panic attacks need not be grave in the mother or father of the child; usually petty issues and troubles that keep happening in the families can be the cause of the development of panic disorders as well.

2. Passive Nature People Are More Prone

It has been noted that panic or anxiety disorder sufferers are usually passive in nature and they fail to assert themselves. This is probably an inborn people or can also develop due to circumstances.

Such a nature can be linked to the instinct of "fight or flight", and might also be able to give proper explanations of the associated psychological symptoms of anxiety and panic disorder in several ways.

3. Deficiency of Vitamin B

Though this might be really surprising for you to learn, but the lack of the B vitamin can trigger the symptoms of panic and anxiety disorder in a person. This can be associated with several biological triggers, such as hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism, disturbances in the internal ear and many more.

If all these underlying biological problems can be treated, it would be easier to cure anxiety disorders.

4. Some Phobia

Sometimes, people having phobias and fears about certain things can also suffer from panic disorders or anxiety attacks. Fear can be of various types; a person might fear water, height, elevator, fire and anything else. Though this might sound uncanny to your ears, but these problems also exist and if a person is exposed to such fears time and again, anxiety or panic disorder might develop at any point of time.

5. Medical Triggers

Sometimes, certain medications can also trigger anxiety and panic disorder in a person. Prescribed or un-prescribed drugs can also be the cause. Drugs are composed of chemicals which might not suit an individual and that would cause restlessness and irritability in a person; these are the preliminary symptoms of panic disorder.

There are many options for treating panic and anxiety disorders and you can always try out the therapies available. Those work better than medicines. However, if conditions are beyond your control, you must seek professional help.

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