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Justin Chelf
Teaching others how to lose weight fast like the celebrities. Also know as the oprah diet.  
By Justin Chelf
Published on 10/27/2009
I didn't want to be part of the middle-aged pot-belly syndrome anymore How about You?  its your good fortune to accept this challenge for fitness and wellbeing and not to look back and think! I should have done this earlier and not take this first step yet again?  Don’t leave this page until you have taken this action now by joining with me and thousands of others to have a better improved move-ability agility life style.- Inspirational materials usually need to be read with a few amount of circumspect.

Even while a coach and inspirational trainer, I've caught myself saying things during my exuberance that later must be modified. Take our quote today which involves us in the Reverend Robert Schuler. I'm always developed hearing what he needs to say. In present day quote he states "Tough occasions never last, but tough people do." My knee jerk reaction was "Wow! Is not the truth?" However in thinking it through a little, I considered on such things as American black slavery.

Individuals tough occasions survived over 400 years for many as did the slavery from the Israelites through the Egyptians around 1300 B.C.E. Should you be a slave residing in individuals tough occasions there is little truth present in Reverend Schuler's words. The simple truth is you will find tough occasions

How Celebs Diet Fast and Easy
There is quite a buzz going around about the "superfood" of the decade, the acai berry. The acai berry is a tiny purple berry from the Brazilian Amazon that packs a powerful antioxidant punch. In fact, the acai berry contains more antioxidants than any other food. In addition to its antioxidant properties, the acai berry has been proven to increase energy, burn fat, and even reduce the effects of aging. It is because of this that the acai berry has been named the superfood of the decade.

Recently the acai berry was featured on a number of news programs such as NBC, CBS and, most notably, The Oprah Show and Rachel Ray. Due to its appearance on Oprah and Rachel Ray the acai berry and the acai berry diet have been nicknamed the Oprah Diet, the Oprah Berry Diet, and the Rachel Ray Diet. It is no secret that many celebrities rely on the acai berry and the acai berry diet to lose weight, and to do so quickly. Especially those who want to do a total body cleanse or a total body detox, as the acai berry has wonderful cleansing properties.

The Acai Berry Oprah as recommended by Dr. Nicholas Perricone on Oprah, is truly a great Super food. It is grown and harvested only one place in the world - high atop the acai palm trees in the rain forests of Brazil. Due to its new found fame and the fact that the Acai Berry Diet works, the acai berry and the acai berry diet can now be found in many locations and in many forms.

The Acai Berry Diet comes in capsule and in tablet forms, and can be found in places such as health food stores and the internet. Simply take three (3) of the capsules of tablets in the morning with breakfast and you are done. No additional exercising or dietary restraints are required. Of course, with any diet, putting those in place will help dramatically, but they are not necessary.

Due to the acai pulp (which is the most nutritious part of the berry) being easily preserved through freeze drying methods, acai can now be found in many energy juices and energy bars. Even well know products such as Welch's and Naked are using acai berry in the products they put on the grocery market shelves. As mentioned, the pulp is the most potent part of the acai berry, as it is full of antioxidants and amino acids - all of which promote healthy living.

The acai berry is all natural. The is no need to worry about harmful products or ingredients, as the acai berry is harvested completely naturally. No pesticides or fertilizers are used to grow the acai berry because none are needed. If you are skeptical about trying the acai berry diet do not worry. Many companies offer 30 day free trials to try the product before you buy it. If you want to see if the diet will work for you before purchasing then take advantage of one of these offers. Soon enough you will be on your way to losing weight and feeling better.