A million dollar body, which has a soul and that is what is life. Different parts of our body perform different functions. Out of those several body parts major are Brain and Heart. Heart pumps blood and arteries carry oxygenated blood to different parts of the body. What will happen if something blocks the passage of blood? Heart starts pumping harder, which increases the blood pressure and this is what hypertension is.

In today’s fast life hypertension has become a common word. Adults and even children’s are affected from hypertension. Simple reason for children’s could be stress taken during exams. Adults mostly in the mid 40’s are the most affected population of hypertension mostly because of our modern lifestyle.

Most of us don’t realize that we are suffering from hypertension. Because the symptoms are so common like:

o Headache
o Fatigue
o Vision problems
o Drowsiness
o Problems with breathing

How many of us have cared about these symptoms, and thought of hypertension? None of us.

We never thought why am I getting headaches and why am I feeling drowsy?

There could be thousand reasons behind this silent killing by hypertension.

To cope up with the fast life, we have chosen fast food, canned food, or ready to eat food to satisfy our appetite. All of these contain high salt, mainly sodium, which disturbs the osmolarity leading to renal dysfunction. Talking about fats, everybody knows the effect of fat which makes us gain weight and ultimately leads to obesity. These all pave way towards hypertension.

We earn money to afford all the facilities in our life. Running behind money we forget that our mind and body need rest. We stress ourselves too much to meet the deadlines at job. Yes! Stress is one more important factor for hypertension.

Leaving behind eating habits, people who don’t prefer exercise are more susceptible to hypertension that means we have chosen sedentary lifestyle with no physical activity. This is our modern life style leading towards hypertension.

Last but not the least we are growing old rapidly day by day which means early aging.

Other reasons are as stated:

o Diabetes
o Chronic kidney disease
o Heredity
o Birth control pills
o Too much of alcohol intake
o Sleep disturbances
o Deficiency of vitamin D
o Taking foods that contain potassium and magnesium, the harmful chemicals.

To save ourselves from hypertension we should take some steps towards healthy and happy lifestyle.

o Start your day with exercise which makes you fresh and energizes the body
o Reduce weight so that we don’t feel lazy
o Reduce high sodium intake in the food
o Take low cholesterol diet
o De-stress yourself by Meditation or by any other means
o Sleep properly. Sleeping rejuvenates our body.
o Keep checking blood pressure and weight.

We should understand the importance of these points and implement in our lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle gives healthy body and soul. Follow the steps, stay healthy and live healthy and set yourself free from hypertension.

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