Some people seem to not be able to fall asleep, while other people don't seem to be able to stay asleep. Also, frequent and brief awakenings that you may not even be aware of can prevent much of the good that a good nights sleep will usually accomplish.

Some insomniacs are described as the type of insomniac that is an able to go to sleep, and spends many late nights on the telephone other friends who are also insomniacs. Benjamin Franklin was this kind of insomniac. He was the middle of the night awakening kind of an insomniac. Franklin believed that his sleep problem was the result of a rumpled bed. So to counteract this he bought a second bed and whenever he would wake up in the middle of the night, he would simply crawl from the rumpled bed he was sleeping on into the second one that was neatly made, to finish off his nights sleep.

There are many other famous insomniacs. Some of the other famous insomniacs include Marilyn Monroe, Oscar Labonte, Cary grant, James Thurber, Charles Dickens, Winston Churchill, Irving Berlin, and Napoleon Bonaparte. So if you consider yourself an insomniac you're certainly not alone. According to national sleep statistics at least half of all people who are insomniacs are so because of psychological problems related to depression, anxiety, marital stress, or stress related to the job. These types of psychological problems are not problems that would define someone as crazy or psychotic (which are no more common in insomniacs than they are and people who sleep).

Researchers have found that the insomniac is typically the last person to know that his or her problem with sleeping is associated directly with psychological issues. Like most people are, insomniacs do not want to think of themselves as someone who has an emotional or psychological problem. Therefore even though the insomniac does not think the problem is psychological, they must consider the fact that the chances are at least 50-50 that they might belong in this category. Most often everyone around the person who is an insomniac knows that some sort of psychological help was needed but the insomniac him or herself did not.

The kind of insomnia that an insomniac often has is usually specifically related to the specific kind of psychological problem they are suffering from. For example, if someone is an insomniac and they wake up too early it is often commonly associated with depression. While insomniacs who have difficulty in getting to sleep are often diagnosed with having anxiety.

The Cure For Insomnia! Join Over 100,000 Other People & Start Sleeping Like A Baby In Just 3-Days!However not all losses of sleep are associated with having a psychological problem. Other causes for insomnia can result from medical causes, lifestyle causes, and beliefs and attitudes about sleep.

If you find that your having trouble sleeping you may want to first console a medical practitioner to make sure that it's not a medical cause. If it's not a medical calls then you should examine your lifestyle choices.

Consider how you eat, exercise, and spend your day.

Try eliminating as much stress and anxiety from your life as possible. Oftentimes a simple change in lifestyle can lead to better sleep.

The Cure For Insomnia! Join Over 100,000 Other People & Start Sleeping Like A Baby In Just 3-Days!