What's All of the Buzz About Magnesium Oil?
By Chris Jennings

There's been a fair amount of speak on the web lately about a brand new "miracle" product that cures many of today's biggest health issues.
The product, oddly enough, is termed "magnesium oil". But you do not drink it, or put it on food. You rub it onto your skin.

Among other people issues, it's supposed to stop heart disease, decrease your blood pressure and cure migraines.

So, what's so good about magnesium oil? After all, aren't there sufficient natural dietary supplements and vitamins in the globe already?

Well, being something of the natural well being nut, I made the decision to take a nearer appear to determine what it's all about. Here is what I found:
Studies display that 80% of all Americans are magnesium deficient. Wow, eighty percent.

It turns out that with all of the speak of antioxidants, omega three and calcium, the media might have overlooked the real "missing link" in our diets. Evidently, the mineral magnesium is present in virtually each and every cell within our bodies. Our cells rely on it for the most basic important capabilities. When we get low, bad issues occur. Dr. Lawrence Resnick, MD, of Cornell College, a leading researcher around the mineral, stated: "Without enough magnesium, cells simply don't work."

It seems that really a big physique of research on magnesium has been performed over the years. And the outcomes with the studies are so compelling that it can make you wonder why we haven't heard about it earlier. Magnesium deficiency has been connected to heart disease, diabetes, migraines, diabetes, depression, fatigue, insomnia and numerous other circumstances.

Many physicians and researchers are now heading beyond saying that magnesium deficiency is "linked" to these diseases and are stating that it's the real "cause" of the illness, which is really a big stage upward.

Here is a shocking quote by Dr. Mildred S Seelig, MD: "Most modern heart illness is brought on by magnesium deficiency. A vast and convincing physique of research, mostly ignored, has convinced us and numerous colleagues of this fact." Coming from a doctor of strong reputation, that's a fairly strong statement.

Okay, so it is obvious that we need magnesium within our diet programs or bad issues occur to us. No problem, we can just get it from meals and water, right? Properly, that presents a shocking problem.

In the year 1900, magnesium was plentiful within our food and h2o. But today, our consuming h2o is stripped of minerals by our filtration plants. Also, veggies and meats are much lower in this important mineral because of contemporary large-scale farming methods, which have depleted the soils.

Actually, magnesium within our meals and water is just fifty percent of what it used to be a hundred years in the past. Incidentally, it turns out that heart illness was practically non-existent 100 many years in the past, when magnesium ranges in food and h2o was greater. Back again then, there were no physicians specializing in heart illness, because nearly nobody had the malady.

Properly certainly there must be some foods we are able to still eat that are good resources of magnesium, right? The answer to this is yes, in the event you wish to consume a mountain of pumpkins seeds and spinach Every day. But most people simply won't do that.

By now I am starting to realize that I will need to get my daily magnesium via supplements, because getting it in food and h2o has become impractical.

And as I flip my interest to finding a good supplement, I get another shock: All magnesium supplements taken through the mouth (orally) are only absorbed at about a 20% level, with the rest passing through us. Our intestines simply do not absorb the magnesium: powders, tablets, drinks, any of them.

To make issues even worse, if you attempt to compensate for this low absorption by taking larger doses of magnesium supplements, you get diarrhea. I attempted performing this and it's accurate, you receive diarrhea.

This really is when the sheer magnitude with the issue dawned on me: 80% of us are magnesium deficient; we can't get sufficient from our meals and water; the supplements we consider do not get absorbed; and to leading it all off, nearly nobody in the media is talking about the dangers of magnesium deficiency - heart illness, hypertension, diabetes, etc.

Because this is so essential, I re-doubled my efforts. There just had to be a supplement available that might work. That's when I arrived throughout magnesium oil.

Magnesium oil seems to become different than all of the other supplements available, because it's absorbed via the pores and skin. You rub it onto your arms and legs like a lotion. They say it functions using the same principle because the transdermal nicotine patches sold within the drug shops.

Although it is termed "magnesium oil" it is not truly an oil after all. It's a super-saturated answer of magnesium chloride inside a water base. When you rub in onto the pores and skin it feels a little slippery, but then it dries in seconds and no longer feels oily.

Evidently a doctor through the title of Norman Shealy MD, did a trial with patients utilizing the magnesium oil and discovered that it was extremely absorbable with out any unwanted side effects like diarrhea. They used a regimen of spraying the oil around the skin in conjunction having a daily footbath. The outcomes showed that his individuals raised their cellular magnesium levels to the leading of the reference scale inside a outstanding six weeks. Usually, with orally taken dietary supplements, this can take 2 many years or lengthier.

I've personally been utilizing the magnesium chloride oil myself for a number of months now and my observation is that it's the actual offer. Even though I think about myself wholesome, it's eradicated a couple of nagging issues I had: runner's knee and migraines. These symptoms are gone now. I also feel like I by no means get tired anymore. I can work as hard as I want and still not feel run down.

So in conclusion, I guess all the "buzz" about magnesium oil is properly founded. It seems to solve a huge problem. Magnesium deficiency is really a serious health issue the world is dealing with right now and also the unhappy component is that the media has yet to catch on.

For your reference, the magnesium oil I have been utilizing is known as "DermaMag" and it is created by a business named "Magnesium Direct."

Additionally they have a extremely helpful website with lots of background material and information on printed research so you are able to see the data for yourself.

You are able to go to their web site by clicking the link: Magnesium Oil or Magnesium Chloride

Article Source: What's All of the Buzz About Magnesium Oil?

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