Revealing the Magic Behind the MyShoppingGenie Website
By Ellie Gant

The MyShoppingGenie website has benefits and disadvantages for any user, from the distributor to the customer. During your first look at the website it's hard not to notice the bright colors and eye catching design that makes it seem like the product of a sales webpage crossed with a major corporate website. It almost looks like a product centered publication that has corporate details mixed in, but looking more closely reveals the type of affiliate marketing strategies usually found in sales media.

The website's navigation links to typical corporate information. The "Company" tab contains a letter from the President, some background on the executive staff and historical facts about the MyShoppingGenie product, which was originally a product of the MyNet Universe. But all of these facts are easily boring, since there is no media in this section of the website. A viewer would be more engaged with things like a video message from the President, snippets of information about the executive team and some well-produced "behind the scenes" footage of the company rather than reading through dense paragraphs of text.

They did things right on the home page, where users can experience video clips, audio clips and social networking information.

MyShoppingGenie is the star of the website with its attention-grabbing video that introduces, shows how the software works and quotes you the best price in the world: free! It's rare to find an MLM website that promotes a 100% free product, which definitely piques my interest. Users can also find a one minute video clip from CNN about the MyShoppingGenie website alongside the product's pages on Facebook and Twitter. This is a much better way to engage the social networking and media needs of most users.

On the right side of the webpage there are also audio testimonials of the great discounts people have found on all sorts of products, from event tickets to TVs and stereos or even on basic home and office supplies. In the center of the page there is another chance to download MyShoppingGenie, but when you click there the webpage explains that the software has to be downloaded from a MyShoppingGenie Distributor.

While this may not be convenient for the user, it is a benefit for distributors. If the MyShoppingGenie website were giving downloads of their product away for free it would make it tough for distributors to be able to do their job. The user may be a little frustrated, especially if they were enthusiastic about downloading the product, but it's reassuring to know that the company supports its distributors by not handing out the product themselves.

When the user reaches the bottom of the home page there is a "Find Out More" button that leads to an opportunity page, the classic affiliate marketing type of sales page. This was another impressive move on their part. The one minute CNN news clip is included on this page again along with testimonials, photos of people with their checks, etc. The opportunity button encourages the user to sign up as a distributor. The button links to a complete online sign up but requires an enroller ID, so again the company is supporting their distributors by not enrolling brand new people at a high level.

The company also did something a little different that caught my attention. On the recruitment page they included all of the tools and resources that are available to distributors. They allow access to a Quick Start Guide, information on their Pay Plan, Tools, News and Events, and a FAQ page that has their contact link and information on their online office.

This affiliate page seems to be a dummy version of the typical MLM websites that are given to most distributors. But with some of the expanded information included, like the Quick Start Guide and other resources, it should increase the number of new distributors that they are likely to sign up.

The MyShoppingGenie website has a lot more to offer than the standard corporate MLM website. With the product they offer and the affiliate marketing methods built into the company's pay plan this is certainly not a bad thing. There's a good chance that it will be highly effective for the people that they are targeting.

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